Pharma e-marketers issue call for more user-generated content solutions

Pharmaceutical e-marketers are calling on each other to find new ways to tap into the growing popularity of user-generated content (UGC) to solve their marketing problems. “Pharma can create user generated content that is regulatory approvable,” said Jack Barrette, former category development officer at Yahoo!, who recently left the firm to head the start-up MovingHealth as CEO. “It is not a regulatory relief issue to put an advertisement next to user-generated content...The fact is you are not responsible for reporting adverse events if your ad appears next to (publisher’s content). That’s something you can go to your regulatory folks with and make sure they really understand. UGC is really no different than expert-generated content or Yahoo-generated content, it’s still content and we are advertising and there’s a distance there.” Barrette was among the experts to address nearly 150 marketers during The Center for Business Intelligence’s e-Marketing for the Pharmaceutical Industry conference held March 7- March 9 in Philadelphia. Experts also discussed the use of video to help medical marketers leverage their brand messages. “There’s a hurricane happening in terms of social networking and video and it’s a good hurricane,” said Google vertical specialist, health, Khee Lee. With the growth of tools such as MySpace and Google-owned YouTube, Lee added that video can be viewed as one of the best potential opportunities emerging. “Consumers and physicians are users...It might be a good step.”