Pollen.com adds new features for allergy season

Pollen.com adds new features for allergy season
Pollen.com adds new features for allergy season
Pollen.com, an allergy site for consumers, is getting revamped with new features for the upcoming allergy season.

New features include a customizable dashboard – MyPollen – that offers allergy information to registered users based on their geographic location, and a Pollen Diary to keep track of symptoms. The dashboard provides local pollen forecasts, top pollen areas with pictures and links, current weather information and historic pollen count information.

For advertisers, the MyPollen dashboard will serve up pharmaceutical and other allergy-related ads that can be geographically targeted to consumers, according to Glenn Connery, associate director of SDI's application development group. Ads are served against geographic-specific content on the four-day forecast function on Pollen.com as well, said Connery.

Pollen.com also has an Allergy Alert iPhone app for accessing four-day forecasts or one-day alerts. Owners of an iPhone can enter a zip code manually, or use an auto-detect function to locate the device geographically. Once a location is determined, alerts and forecasts about pollen, cold and cough, asthma and humidity index levels are delivered direct to the mobile device, according to Connery.

The website, which garners unique visitor traffic in the neighborhood of three million per month during peak allergy season, is maintained in-house. Online marketing firm WebPageFX was enlisted during Pollen.com's redesign to “maximize our exposure to search engines and increase our site's organic traffic,” said Connery.


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