Clinical Updates

J&J pulls morcellator from market

The company is calling the move a withdrawal, as opposed to a recall.

Study questions HDL medication benefit

A study indicates they may do little to reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack.

NIH: HPV test beats Pap for cancer assessment

HPV testing provides an edge over Pap screenings when it comes to detecting cervical cancer risk.

Next target for hep. C drugmakers: co-infections

Next target for hep. C drugmakers: co-infections

An international AIDS conference this weekend kicked off a new battle in the war against hepatitis C: demonstrating high cure rates in those who are co-infected.

Alzheimer's study to use healthy patients

Novartis and the nonprofit Banner Alzheimer's Institutes are testing a theory that treating healthy patients could prevent or delay Alzheimer's disease.

Lilly's Cyramza misses liver-cancer target

Cyramza patients had more favorable overall survival rates than placebo patients, but the differences were not statistically significant.

Study unlinks testosterone and heart attacks

The Wall Street Journal notes that a new study on testosterone therapy has some weaknesses, including its sole focus on men who received injections—leaving out pills, patches and gels.

Study links DPP-IV medication to heart failure, hospitalization

Editorial says risk is small, researchers say it could be clinically relevant.

ACP says no need for pelvic exams

The American College of Physicians says most women do not need an annual pelvic exam. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists disagrees.

FDA wants male breast cancer patients

The regulator wants men to be part of breast cancer clinical trials.

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