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Company Profile
ghg is the integrated, multi-channel, global communications partner recognized for innovation and forward thinking in the field of enhanced health communications. Because we speak the language of in-depth science, are conversant in every channel of influence, and are pioneers in the potential of today's digital technologies, healthcare companies look to ghg to help connect their brands in more meaningful ways with all their audiences—HCPs, patients, caregivers, and payors—to grow sales and improve lives. 

ghg offers the latest digital thinking combined with the best of every traditional discipline. We deliver in today's market while preparing our clients for the changes yet to come.

Services and Offerings
Strategic Digital Consultation
  • Brand Stewardship
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • HCP & Consumer Campaign Management
  • Cross Functional Campaign Planning
  • Digital Bootcamp

Total Digital Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Portals & Websites
  • eDetailing, Virtual Reps & Tablet PCs
  • CRM
  • Social Networks, Blogs & Wikis
  • Online Advertising

Digital Content & Design
  • Scientific Specialties & Medical Writing for HCPs
  • Patient & Caregiver Programs
  • Formulary Access Programs
  • Podcasts, Webcasts & Gaming
  • 3-D Scientific Visualization/Animation
  • Interactive Games & Experiential learning
  • Physician & Sales Rep Training
  • Learning Portals & Support Services
  • Training Assessment
  • Event-Based Training
  • Virtual Worlds

Campaign Measurement & Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Customer Engagement Metrics
  • Online Marketing Optimization
  • ROI Analysis

Essilor Case Study
Essilor, a worldwide leader in lenses, came to ghg with a unique challenge to raise awareness of eye health, and to increase visits to Eye Care Professionals (ECPs), which, in turn, would increase the use of lenses. We developed an integrated campaign to drive consumers to visit ECPs for a complete annual exam. Through a synergistic, multi-channel awareness and education campaign, consumers were directed to an unbranded website. 

As a result, the campaign increased non-contact lens prescriptions written by 12%; ECPs experienced a significant increase in appointments and Essilor sales grew by 19%.  
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