Company news: Edelman, CMS, McKesson

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PR firm GolinHarris is losing managing director Jennifer Cohan to Edelman where she will chair the global consumer practice as of January 2. Cohan currently oversees strategic direction and operations for GolinHarris in addition to acting as an internal consultant for clients Unilever, OraSure and Olympus. Before GolinHarris, Cohen was deputy manager of Cohen & Wolfe's London operation. Her new Edelman gig puts her in charge of the firm's largest practice. She replaces Christina Smedley who joined PayPal in October.

Sunshine may indeed be coming—Pharmaspective reports that CMS has released final guidance on the "sunshine," or physician payments transparency, provisions of the Affordable Care Act to the Office of Budget and Management, almost a year after CMS proposed regulations in 2011 and more than a month after its October 1, 2012, deadline for doing so. But there's a catch—we can't yet see just what those final regs are. The move does, however, square with anticipation that final guidelines would be released before the end of the year.

McKesson's Patient Relationship Solutions division has teamed up with Physicians Interactive to bolster the reach of its drug voucher and coupon program.  The agreement will allow PI network members to offer physicians the vouchers and/or coupons along with e-prescriptions issued through EHRs so patients can show up at a pharmacy and have the discount built in to the pick-up price—as opposed to submitting a paper-based discount voucher and waiting for it to be processed.
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