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Euro RSCG is merging its healthcare PR and US PR arms. Euro RSCG Magnet and Euro RSCG Life PR will be combined as Euro RSCG Worldwide PR under the leadership of Lisa Sepulveda, CEO, who led Magnet and continues to head the combined company's US consumer business. The Havas company will continue to operate Euro RSCG Life PR as a sub-brand, while Magnet will go by Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, North America. Euro RSCG Life PR will be led by EVP, managing director Chantal Beaudry, who reports to Sepulveda.

A Reno, NV jury ruled that Wyeth should pay $134.5 million to three women claiming their breast cancer was caused by one or more of the company's estrogen therapy products, including Prempro and Premarin, used to treat menopausal symptoms.The suit is one of 5,300 hormone-replacement cases filed against Wyeth on behalf of 7,900 plaintiffs, according to the pharmaceutical maker. It is the seventh to reach a verdict since trials began last year, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. Three of the other six trials resulted in verdicts in favor of Wyeth; one of the plaintiffs' verdicts was overturned and judgment entered in favor of Wyeth; and the plaintiffs' verdicts in the remaining two trials were thrown out and new trials ordered.

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