Dey launches EpiPen app

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Dey launches EpiPen app
Dey launches EpiPen app
Mylan's Dey Pharma launched MyEpiPen App, designed to help patients with severe allergies and their caregivers cope with episodes of anaphylaxis.

The app, available for free download to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, allow patients and their caregivers to create and share profiles about severe allergies for sharing with friends, family members, teachers, school nurses, camp counselors, daycare providers and babysitters.

Features also include a how-to video for the EpiPen Auto-injector and a user guide slideshow to help users visualize the three-step injection process.

The app may be used without entering any information that identifies a user, the company said, and information that is recorded is stored only on the user's mobile device.

Around 12 million Americans, or 4%, have a food allergy that may put them at risk of anaphylaxis, said the company. Anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction, can also be triggered by insect stings, medications, latex or other allergens. Dey's EpiPen buys sufferers some time to seek medical attention.

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