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Microsoft is buying healthcare IT firm Sentillion, which produces “identity and access management technology” for organizing patient information. Microsoft in October announced the launch of My Health Info, a site incorporating Microsoft's Health Vault profiles into a comprehensive offering that includes tools and widgets to organize health information.

The number of iPhone users in the US surpassed those using Windows Mobile models for the No. 2 slot behind BlackBerry, according to comScore data. Apple now boasts nearly 9 million iPhone users, while Research in Motion's BlackBerry has 15 million and Windows Mobile phones are used by 7 million. Around 36 million Americans now own smartphones. The research firm found that Facebook has clinched the No. 4 most popular US website slot, with 100 million unique visitors, behind Microsoft, Yahoo and Google.  

AOL and Google posted their top 10 health searches lists for 2009. Swine flu was popular, so to speak, leading AOL's list and coming in at No. 2 on Google's, where plain old flu was king. Second at AOL was lupus, followed by diabetes, pregnancy and depression. Third at Google was heart followed by WebMD and Walgreens.

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