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Lundbeck launched a web-based Huntington's Disease awareness effort called Build Hope for HD. The campaign, launched to coincide with Huntington's Disease Awareness Month, partners Lundbeck with the Hereditary Disease Foundation and the Huntington Study Group. Lundbeck will donate $10 to the clinic for each click on the campaign icon at at

Facebook users are more likely to seek and share health advice, but people who frequent are generally more fit and health-conscious, according to a study by MicroMass. The study defined four archetypes: Power Socialites, who crave the spotlight and vamp on social media sites; Sincere Influentials, who maintain strong relationships with established friends, look for ways to improve the quality of their lives and favor and Craigslist, as well as Facebook; slovenly Solo Escapists who don't take care of themselves and like YouTube and; and Independent Achievers, fitness freaks who like MSNBC and MapQuest. launched My Epilepsy Diary, an iPhone app aimed at helping people with epilepsy manage seizures, symptoms and treatment.

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