Co-Pay/Loyalty Programs


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We are committed to helping clients get patients on therapy and keep patients on therapy. We help our clients accomplish key adherence goals:

  • Define “optimal” offer
  • Determine budget and projections
  • Calculate real ROI
  • Monitor for success
  • Innovate to rise above the competition


PSKW has unmatched experience in co-pay assistance programming. After all, we created the co-pay industry and continue to deliver meaningful co-pay innovations:

Tangible Offer Vehicles: PSKW programs have been used by half-a-million prescribers and millions of individuals. From the first coordination of benefits card to the first real-time adjudicated debit card to the first two-part dual card, we deliver an unsurpassed array of tangible offer vehicles.

Virtual Offer Vehicles: All our virtual programs—such as eRx-embedded Offers and Universal Pharmacy Offers—are designed to grow physician utilization, reduce prescription abandonment, build patient loyalty, and increase refill rates.


Ongoing communication and strong patient relationships can dramatically impact adherence. PSKW has an unsurpassed suite of digital relationship tools that help drive loyalty:

  • Loyalty Card Key™
  • Time-Release Messaging™
  • Auto-Update™
  • Passive Tracking™
  • Engaged Patient™
  • Personalized One2One™


PSKW offers a constellation of critical success factors that together make us uniquely well suited to manage clients' loyalty programs:

1. Constant Innovation
PSKW invented the co-pay industry, and we continue to work on the cutting edge of loyalty marketing innovations, including UPC, NDC redirect, smart vouchers, ePrescribing, EngagedPatient, One to One Platform, etc.

2. Stable, Dedicated Staff
PSKW has built a strong and supportive work environment based on shared long-term commitment. As a result, our staff turnover rate is near zero.

3. Consultative Approach
PSKW goes beyond the call to assist client teams in ­determining the best offer(s) based on their unique strategies, resources, and goals combined with our expertise and extensive database of the performance of past programs.


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Year Founded: 2005
Office Locations: New Jersey, California, New York 

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