Managed Markets (August 2013)

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Catalina Health® is the innovator of personalized, highly relevant, point-of-care messaging with 17 years' proven success changing health consumer behavior.  We have a deep understanding of how to overcome barriers along the Health Consumer Journey® and offer a diversified portfolio of solutions to support increased medication adherence, encourage adoption of healthy behaviors and improve outcomes.  Our multi-channel offering enables us to be flexible and allows our clients the opportunity to select the options that most appropriately meet their strategic business needs and comply with their legal/regulatory requirements.  Catalina Health®'s in-physician-office and in-pharmacy programs are personalized, clinically pertinent, written materials that provide the opportunity for a live dialogue with a health care provider.  Direct mail and phone refill reminders facilitate communication with health consumers in their home and on the go.  
Catalina Health® works with pharmaceutical manufacturers to encourage medication adherence, pull through preferred formulary medications and deliver medication financial assistance.  We partner with health plans to activate members to become advocates of their own health, to improve plan STAR ratings through improved medication adherence and higher preventative screening rates, and to improve Medication Therapy Management program participation.

n At the doctor's office solutions utilize e-prescribing technology to communicate with patients and ­prescribers in the physician's office. Highly targeted, printed and ­electronic patient communications ­educate on the ­condition being treated and the medication ­prescribed, ensure the Rx is picked up at the pharmacy and offer ­financial assistance.  Physicians' messages can be ­delivered at login to encourage initiation or continuation of ­prescribing specific medications, suggest treatment ­options when reviewing a patient profile and provide guidance to share with patients when sending e-prescriptions.
n In the pharmacy communications deliver personalized messages through patented technology to put tailored messages directly into the hands of health consumers.  Our expansive retail pharmacy network connects with over 130 million health consumers annually to deliver timely and relevant messages in over 18,000 pharmacies while ensuring the protection of patient privacy.  
n Talking with the pharmacist offering affords the opportunity to provide sponsored, point-of-care patient counseling from a trusted healthcare professional—the neighborhood pharmacist.
n Direct mail and phone communications provide the ability to reach health consumers in their home or on the go with personalized letters and phone refill reminder messages. 

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