Managed Markets (February 2013)

Hobart Group Holdings

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As the largest dedicated payer agency in the United States, Hobart Group Holdings has provided strategic and tactical partnership services to their broad client base for a decade. Hobart's core competencies include payer value proposition development, launch planning, payer market research, quality initiatives, HEOR, sales training, and contracting and pricing expertise.

Hobart Group Holdings is a consortium of 3 full-service, thought leader agencies, including The Hobart Group in New Jersey, Hobart Forte in New York City, and Hobart Core in Chicago. Hobart Innovations is currently in the process of launching several digital initiatives based on organized customer needs, as well as developing proprietary data assets to help inform clients of relevant payer trends.

Hobart's strategic services department is composed of former payer decision makers with extensive knowledge across the spectrum of organized customer channels. The strategic team has more than 140 years of experience working with, and working as, pharmacy directors, medical directors, contracting managers, case managers, and quality directors for MCOs, PBMs, government, payers, IDNs, hospitals, and LTC facilities. This experience allows Hobart to consistently deliver impactful solutions that directly align with clients' marketing objectives.

As the healthcare industry continues to experience tremendous change impacting brand access and reimbursement, Hobart recognizes that their clients are seeking expert, up-to-the-minute counsel and solutions to help them succeed in an evolving marketplace. Helping clients meet these new challenges requires in-depth segment knowledge that only Hobart can deliver.

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  • Launch planning
  • Pull-through support
  • Contracting
  • Sales training
  • Speaker bureaus and advisory boards
  • Digital applications


Address: 240 Main Street, Gladstone, NJ  07934
Phone: 908-470-1780
New Business Contact: Lisa Bair, CEO, or 908-470-1780
Year Founded: 2003
Holding Company: Privately Held
Sample Clients: Astellas, Bayer, Eli Lilly & Co, Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi, Shionogi
Office Locations: Gladstone, NJ; New York, NY; ­Chicago, IL

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