Managed Markets (February 2013)

McCann TL Managed Markets

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At McCann TL Managed Markets (MTLMM), we partner with our clients to drive reimbursement and access across multiple payer channels. We offer you an unparalleled team of experienced professionals with the optimal balance of expertise, passion, and creativity to exceed your expectations by:

  • Strategically analyzing issues
  • Leveraging our team's varied backgrounds, passions, knowledge, and experience
  • Delivering unique and creative solutions with ­sustainable, enduring impact

Our diverse skills in managed care marketing, channel marketing, access, reimbursement, and payer evidence support your specific needs. We partner with our clients to achieve optimal brand access and usage by applying our access intelligence daily.

Our job is to ensure a solid strategy drives each recommendation. We don't just worry about what managed markets is saying today, but also what is going to be said tomorrow and a year from tomorrow. If there is a tactic to be done, there is a solid strategy and skillful execution behind it.

MTLMM develops the right kind of tools you need to compete in the marketplace. We collaborate with our clients to find optimal ways to heighten awareness with payers and related stakeholders, work with the right segments to change brand dynamics, create plans to accomplish successful payer launches, and provide the right insight and foresight throughout the entire life cycle.

We leverage our collective strategic intelligence to give patients better access. And we put our knowledge to work making sure your message resonates in an increasingly complex marketplace. As former US Surgeon General C Everett Koop once said, “Drugs don't work in patients who don't take them.” But in today's health care environment, a more appropriate comment might be, “Drugs don't work in patients who can't get them.” At MTLMM, we work to make sure when a patient is given a prescription, the patient can get their medication.

When you put MTLMM Access Intelligence to work for you, you have a team ready to move your message to all stakeholders. Our passion for managed markets drives our clients' success every day.


  • Managed Markets Insight Mining
  • Access and Reimbursement Solutions
  • Cost and Coverage Message Development
  • Account Manager Tools and Training
  • Pull-through Optimization Materials
  • Integrated Digital Solutions


Address: 20 Waterview Boulevard, Parsippany, NJ 07054-1295
Phone: (973) 394-2834
New Business Contact: Kim Wishnow-Per, EVP, Managing ­Director, or (973) 394-2834
Year Founded: 2001
Employees: 33
Sample Clients: Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, ­Daiichi Sankyo, Novo Nordisk
Office Location: Parsippany, NJ

  • MTLMM is the managed markets component of McCann Health, a global health care communications company
  • Our team brings decades of payer experience to everything we do—we apply our access intelligence daily for you
  • All client print and digital initiatives are created in-house by our staff of experienced professionals
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