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JUICE Pharma Worldwide

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Address: 322 8th Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-647-1595
Fax: 212-367-1594
New Business Contact: Roxana Bannach-Lin, EVP, Strategic Planning/Business Development
Year Founded: 2002
Employees: 200
Holding Company: Independently owned, WBENC-certified
Sample Clients: LEO Pharma, Inc., Merck & Co., Inc., National Cancer Institute, National Hemophilia Foundation, Novartis Oncology, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Company Profile

JUICE Pharma Worldwide is a full-service, ­creative-strategic communications company in New York City, specializing in healthcare professional, patient, and consumer promotion. Six floors, 60,000 square feet, and in-house ­production capabilities that are second to none. An owner-operated, independent agency ­offering its clients “the entrepreneurial advantage”—­customized, business-building solutions unencumbered by the demands of a holding company.

Services and Offerings

The JUICE Center of Excellence in ­Emerging Technology and Media accelerates the ­integration and adoption of new media into pharma ­communications, providing progressive clients with the opportunity to capitalize on these ­advances in support of their brands. The goal is not only to help the industry integrate new media platforms, but to leverage advances in technology to help clients achieve greater efficiencies.

Passionate about achieving the ultimate user ­experience, JUICE starts by unearthing customer insights that drive key decisions in the development of mobile-based platforms. This insight mastery is integrated into the development of all digital initiatives, driving a direct and ­powerful connection with the targeted customer.

Even the slightest modifications can have a huge impact on the user experience; navigation, clean design, and user flow can make or break the ­success of a program. The agency's mobile-first approach creates the most efficient human-­centric design by distilling the primary needs of the user, making programs more compelling and easy to use—thereby increasing engagement.

Offering a dedicated team of digital ­strategists, ­developers, motion graphics artists, 3-D ­animators, video and sound producers, business analysts, ­information/user experience architects, and SEO experts, as well as a state-of-the-art, in-house ­production studio, JUICE sets the standard for creating innovative, mobile-based marketing ­solutions.

Case Study

To create a hemophilia mobile app, JUICE ­conducted research to identify actionable insights for our primary target, the hard-to-reach young male. Like others their age, they have difficulty managing their time, making disease ­management challenging.

JUICE developed a mobile app with easy-to-use management features, enabling these patients to record their symptoms with date, time, location, and reason for infusion. The app is password ­protected with the ability to share reports with their HCP or care team. It also helps patients ­organize treatments and back up information via iCloud®.

Results exceeded expectations: The JUICE ­mobile app is the #1 downloaded app for hemophilia.

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