Specialty Pharma (March 2014)

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Omnicare Specialty Care Group


Omnicare Specialty Care Group

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Innovative solutions for patient access, affordability and adherence

Omnicare Specialty Care Group (SCG) is a leading provider of customized commercialization solutions for specialty pharmaceutical products. Our programs provide fully integrated and unique Patient Access Solutions for specialty therapies. We provide reimbursement assistance, financial solutions, compliance and adherence programs, managed samples and specialty pharmacy services to accelerate and maximize commercial uptake. Our integrated platforms also include third party logistics services, pharmacy solutions and reimbursement support services.

Since many different obstacles may exist in initiating and maintaining therapy, our team designs product-specific solutions that improve access and increase speed to therapy, solve for affordability issues and support compliance and adherence.

Access: Strategic Reimbursement Support
Omnicare SCG's programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients and their products. Our staff is highly skilled in payer coverage, coding, reimbursement assistance, appeals and prior authorization support, and product distribution. We are committed to collaborating with patients and providers to secure product coverage that is timely and accurate.

Affordability: Copay Programs, Foundations and Patient Assistance Programs
We're committed to ensuring that all patients can afford their medications. Omnicare SCG offers a wide range of financial assistance tools, including copay assistance, foundation support, and patient assistance programs (PAPs), including free drug qualification and distribution. Our solutions are customized to meet the unique needs of the disease category and patients.

Adherence: Patient Engagement
Omnicare SCG has extensive experience working with manufacturers to implement and manage innovative programs focused on patient adherence and persistency to ultimately improve overall therapy goals. Our clinical team performs a complete evaluation of each product and disease class and works within manufacturer-suggested guidelines to create a customized adherence program specific to each therapy. Additionally, Omnicare SCG assists with initiation of therapy for products requiring nurse injection training.

Our innovative programs integrate access, affordability and adherence through the following services:
• Brand Support
• Program Pharmacy
• Third Party Logistics
• Specialty Pharmacy


Address: 900 Omnicare Center, 201 East Fourth Street, ­Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 877-901-3711
Website: www.omnicarescg.com
New Business Contact: Rob Brown, VP, Business ­Development, rob.brown@omnicare.com, 502-263-3785
Year Founded: 1981
Employees: 1400
Holding Company: Omnicare
Sample Clients: Brand Support, ­Program Pharmacy, Third Party Logistics, Specialty Pharmacy
Office Locations: Cincinnati, OH; Orlando, FL; Louisville, KY

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