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Featured Work

This is an awareness campaign for Teva Oncology. While it is considered the 10th largest oncology company in the US, awareness among key stakeholders was low. AbelsonTaylor sought to change that by developing a campaign emphasizing how Teva Oncology focuses on the patient. The awareness campaign was introduced at ASCO in May 2014. Qualitatively, the responses have been extremely positive.

Why This Work is Special:

Our creative team developed a campaign where emotion emanates from every image and every word. By taking common words in oncology – chemotherapy, apoptosis, metastasis, malignancy – and finding the “hidden meaning” within them, the campaign, “In a Word,” shows that cancer touches more than just the patient. The tagline, “We see so much more than just cancer,” reiterates Teva Oncology’s vision.

Creative/Account Team:

Brad Graetz, Creative Director; Tom Mateja, Assoc. Creative Director, Art; Dave Stratton, Senior Copywriter; Kevin Tran, Senior Art Director; Robert Williams, Assoc. Creative Director, Copy. Account Team: Andrea Kartley, Account Supervisor; Molly Korsch, Senior Account Supervisor; Claire Ogdon, Account Executive; Mike Perry, VP, Account Director

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  • Quality Assurance Best Practices in Digital Marketing

    Featured White Paper

    Quality Assurance Best Practices in Digital Marketing is the work of like-minded people – pharma, agencies, and QA professionals – focused on reducing costly QA problems than can surface when developing digital products. AbelsonTaylor has been helping clients improve the quality outcomes of their digital products for more than 15 years. The White Paper is an example of our established approach to digital QA.

Director of Communication:
Gretchen Kren

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The Association of Medical Media (AMM) will honor the top journal ads in 13 categories at its annual Doctors' Choice awards luncheon, September 24, at The Palace Hotel in New York City.

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