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Founded: 1981

Officers: Dale Taylor, President, CEO; Jay Carter, ,SVP/Director of Strategy Services; Stephen Neale, SVP Executive Creative Director; Jeff Berg, SVP/Director of Client Services; Mike Perry, VP/Account Director; Allan Mills, VP/Account Director; Cindy Stone, VP/Account Director; Jeanine Koch, VP/Account Director; Laura Bartmess, VP/Account Director; Eric Densmore, VP/Account Director; Mark Finn, VP/Account Director; Beth Hall, VP of Support Services; Keith Stenlund, VP/CFO; Greg Thompson, MD, VP/Medical Director; Josh Vizek, VP/Creative Director; Jody Van Swearingen, VP/Creative Director; Scott Hansen, VP/Creative Director; Matt Collins, VP/Director of Interactive Technology; Beverly Wright, VP, Account Director.

2012 Gross Income: $40 million to $65 million.

Full-time Employees: 440 (2012) 470 (2011)

Healthcare accounts: AbbVie: Androgel, Kaletra, Lupron Franchise, NIaspan, Trilipix; Abbott Molecular: ALK Probe; Abbott Nutrition: Ensure, Glucerna, Pediasure, Similac; Astellas Pharma: AmBisome, Mycamine, VESIcare; Cadence Pharmaceuticals: Ofirmev; Daiichi Sankyo: Tribenzor, Azor, Benicar DSI/Lilly: Effient; Eli Lilly: Evista, Forteo, Forsteo Fresenius Kabi: Kabiven; HealthPoint Biotherapeutics: Santyl; Inspiration BioPharmaceuticals: OBI-1; Kythera: ATX-101; Purdue: Intermezzo, Butrans; Questcor Pharmaceuticals: Acthar; Sunovion Pharmaceuticals: Latuda, Stedesa; Takeda Pharmaceuticals: Dexilant, Oseni, Nesina, Kazano; Teva Oncology: balugrastim, Synribo, Trisenox, Treanada; TherRx: Clindesse, Evamist, Makena, Gynazole-1; Vein Clinics of America: Promotion of medical clinics; Vertex: Incivek

Number of Accounts Gained in 2012: 13

Accounts Gained: DSI/Lilly: Effient Fresenius Kabi: Kabiven Kythera: ATX-101 Purdue: Intermezzo, Butrans Sunovion Pharmaceuticals: Stedesa Takeda: Oseni, Nesina, Kazano Teva Oncology: balugrastim, Synribo, Trisenox, Treanada

Number of Accounts Lost in 2012 : 4
Details of Account Lost in 2010: The following 4 brands are incactive: Takeda: Actos, Actosplus Met, Actosplus Met XR, Duetact

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