2200 Renaissance Blvd Suite 160
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Tel: 484-322-0880
Fax: 484-322-0880

Founded: 1981

Officers: Stan Woodland, CEO; Susan Dorfman, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer; James Woodland, Chief Operations Officer; John Donovan, Chief Financial Officer; Nicole Woodland-De Van, SVP, Buying Services and Deliverables; Mike Miller, SVP, Healthcare and Clinical Content Services; Nancy Logue, Senior Director, Human Resources

2012 Gross Income: $25 million to $40 million.

Full-time Employees: 177 (2012) 176 (2011)

Healthcare accounts:
Abbott; Amgen; Amylin; Astellas AstraZeneca; Bayer; Boehringer Ingelheim; Calpis; Dendreon; Eisai; EKR Therapeutics; Lilly; Lundbeck; J&J; Genzyme; Gilead; GSK; Meda; Medicis; Pfizer; Shire; Sunovion; Takeda; Teva; Upsher Smith; UCB Pharma
Number of accounts gained in 2012: 20
Services: Media planning healthcare professional, media planning consumer, media buying healthcare professional, media buying consumer, media management & strategy, reprint & textbook purchasing, media analytics, target file list matching, brand target list analysis, HCP promotional access data, targeting by segment & individual prescriber, real-time access to digital analytics & engagement capture, customized, syndicated market research, email promotion programs, media key performance indicator tracking, search engine marketing & optimization, customer insights, partner innovation, business intelligence dashboards, app development, eprints, target audience file development, digital rights management

New Hire Detail: Karel Lahmy as VP, Product Development Renee Kennedy as IQ Rx Campaign Analytics Supervisor Justin Freid as Director, Search Engine Marketing Tamara Cane as Media Director Shig Odani, Director of Insights and Analytics.

Offices: Pennsauken, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY.

Featured Product

Description: ByDoctor® is the industry’s only HCP-level multi-channel promotional access and affinity database covering over 1.3 million prescribers. This promotional insights and modeling database allows CMI/Compas and its customers to better plan engagement by uncovering the best promotional path to access target audiences, understand HCP promotional affinity, and own the audience.

Creative/Account team: Dr. Susan Dorfman, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer; Jose Ferreira, Director, Customer Insights; Bill Kelly , Team Leader, ByDoctor® & Data Assets; Jordan McDowell, Project Coordinator, ByDoctor® & Data Assets; Matt Schmid, Project Coordinator, ByDoctor® & Data Assets; Diane DeStefano, Marketing Research Manager; Christine Hardy, Sr. Marketing Data Analyst; Ben Attix, Assoc. Marketing Data Analyst

Why this product is special: ByDoctor® represents a unique, media-neutral, customer-centric dataset for brand planning, execution and measurement that empowers pharmaceutical marketing and sales teams to augment their audience knowledge, advance prescriber access, and close the promotional loop between promotional dollars spent and the return on objectives and investments – down to the individual prescriber level.

Study reveals doc detail preferences: Hang up the phone

Doctors shared their information preferences with CMI/Compas, revealing ways marketers can better pace their communications to max out channels.

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