Greater Than One

Tel: 212-252-1999

Founded: 2000

Officers: Elizabeth Izard Apelles, Founder & CEO; Patrick Rorke, Partner, COO; Mark Sadowski, Partner, CFO; John Mahler, Partner, Research and Insight; Amanda Powers, Senior Partner, GTO West; Christa Toole, Partner, Search and Analytics; Pilar Belhumeur, Partner, Executive Creative Director; Diego Anderiz, Partner, GTO Europe; Stefan Armstrong, Partner, HCP Marketing; Steve Longbons, Partner, Technology; Marc Michel, Partner, Global Strategy; GTO Europe Kate Drummond, Partner; Media Hung Ma, Vice President, Account Development

2012 Gross Income: $25 million to $40 million.

Full-time Employees: 112 (2012) 88 (2011)

Healthcare accounts:
Amgen: Brands Confidential; Continuum Health Partners: Beth Israel Hospital, St. Luke's Hospital, Roosevelt Hospital; Genentech: Brands Confidential; Jazz Pharmaceuticals: Brands Confidential; Medtronic: Brands Confidential; Questcor: Brands Confidential; Sanofi: Brands Confidential; Sunovion: Brands Confidential

Number of accounts gained in 2012: 6

Accounts gained: Genentech; Reata Pharmaceuticals; Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Services: Core Capabilities: • Research & Strategy: Our expertise lies in placing data within the greater context of human insights for our clients’ brands and businesses. • Technology: We have a deep understanding of digital technology, from rich front end experiences and complex web applications, to various content managements systems and intensive web services.Take a look at GTO Labs (, and you will see what we mean. • Experience Design: Through an integrated approach, we create meaningful connections that deliver award-winning creative, innovative messaging, and measurable results for our clients. • Media &Search: We leverage our digital roots to amplify brand awareness, increase engagement, and drive customer acquisition. Services: • Integration • Branding • Strategic & Business Consulting • Search • Media • eCRM • Technology • Creative • Social • Mobile • Insights & Analytics We believe in taking the time to fully understand clients and their audiences, so the communications we create are meaningful, valuable, and emotionally impactful.

New Hire Detail: Kate Drummond promoted to Partner, Media. Patrick Rorke promoted to COO. Pamela Pinta hired as Director of Client Services.

Offices: San Francisco, CA

Divisions: GTO Media, GTO Labs, Greater Good

Featured Work

Description: Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a complicated genetic disease that affects approximately 30,000 people in the US. The CF Living Facebook Page allows people with CF to connect with each other by sharing inspiring stories, asking for advice, and learning about the latest happenings in the community.

Why this ad is special: Pharmawall allowed us to review all posts before they went public, and with few posts going against guidelines, we soon allowed users to post in real time. With the aid of close monitoring, we are helping to define social media guidelines for pharma, keeping both the FDA and fans happy.

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