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GSW's Erik Slangerup on Ads with Heart

The heart is a tireless worker, beating day and night. When we're telling stories for healthcare brands, we should remember what it takes to infuse real feeling, to get people to care.

Guidemark Health hires GSW's Zambrotta as president

The GSW Worldwide veteran will take on the new role at the midsized agency.

UK, Brazilian ads take top honors at Globals

An organ-donation campaign with a Brazilian football tie-in, and a UK managed-access company's series of documentary films, took top honors.

With digital no longer special, InVentiv merges four agencies into two

InVentiv is merging two of its digital agencies into two full-service shops: GSW, Fueled by Blue Diesel and Ignite + Palio.

2Million2Many campaign flags bone fracture, osteoporosis link

The National Bone Health Alliance and inVentiv shop GSW Worldwide are launching 2Million2Many, a national education campaign designed to raise awareness of the connection between osteoporosis and broken bones.

GSW's Gerbig dead at 66; put Columbus on the map for medical advertising

GSW Worldwide co-founder Bob Gerbig, an entrepreneurial account director who left Abbott to launch the Ohio-based agency powerhouse in 1977, has died at 66.