Guidemark Health

6 Campus Drive
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Tel: (201)740-6160

Guidemark Health is a midsize, full-service healthcare communications agency headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, with offices in Princeton, New Jersey; Stamford, Connecticut; and Pune, India. Our offerings span the continuum of client needs to include advertising, brand strategy, creative services, engagement solutions, learning, medical education, digital, and market access.

The Guidemark Health mission is designed with one specific intention in mind: to provide healthcare marketing client partners with broad subject matter expertise within an efficient, effective model. Although this is a different proposition, it is not just for the sake of standing out. We pride ourselves on digging deeper to uncover hidden truths that lead to a more honest interaction with patients and customers. The key to these richer, more fruitful engagements is subject matter expertise. We believe plenty of people can deliver an answer…but only genuine experts, who understand their audience, can deliver just the right solution.

Guidemark’s atypical agency structure empowers senior-level subject matter experts (SMEs) through the support of category-specific strategic account leads and experienced project managers. These focused, proactive teams ensure that there is excellence in all that we do on behalf of our clients. Additionally, Guidemark Pune enriches our franchise with a diversity of SMEs who are flexible and nimble, and who enable a scalability of resources that is proficient and efficient.

Guidemark’s unique value proposition provides something no other entity in the marketplace can or is willing to, which is to deliver client-centric business solutions that address client-centric business challenges. Guidemark exists to understand a client partner’s brand and business needs as well as—if not better than—the client themselves. To do that, we are veraciously engaged in all that we do on behalf of our clients.

Featured Work

Simparica was a new product manufactured by a company that is known and respected by both veterinarians and dog owners. Simparica has clinically proven, long-lasting efficacy in killing fleas and ticks. The company needed a compelling multimedia launch campaign that promoted the key benefits of the product and differentiated itself from the competition.

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  • Guidemark Health’s SEE DEEPER AD
    Guidemark Health’s “Infinitely In” campaign represents our brand promise of “Veracious Engagements”. The creative features icons made of paper layers, symbolizing our ability to connect with our audiences on a deeper level. We’ve used this bold, richly colored, iconographic visual execution throughout social media, internal communications and external recruitment promotions.
  • Improving Marketing Performance With Behavioral Insights - a white paper by Fred Petito
    This white paper outlines the three valuable benefits of using behavioral insights when planning a marketing program. First, they provide validated models for better predicting human behavior, as opposed to personal opinions or guesswork. Second, they reveal how non-rational and non-conscious factors influence decisions and behaviors. Third, they provide a conceptual basis for developing campaigns that have the potential to deliver better results and outcomes.

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