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With five new clients, a 200% growth in staff and over 40 creative award recognitions, 2016 was a big year for HYC Health. Add to that four brand launches and a strategic digital acquisition planned for 2017 and the agency finds itself well-poised to transcend even the most aggressive of expectations.

“We have been so fortunate this past year to work with clients who are true visionaries — people who will literally change the way healthcare is experienced. Our team is inspired every day to create the best work they’ve ever done before because they know they are a part of something amazing.”

Clients want out-of-the-box thinking and fresh, distinct ideas. They also want a learning curve that is nearly nonexistent. We get it. HYC Health prides itself on being a creative agency with a laser focus on clients’ business success. We are large enough to provide the full scope of integrated services, yet nimble enough to customize nearly every aspect of our working relationship to specific client needs. We are passionate about delighting our clients with exceptional service and forging lasting partnerships with a never-say-never attitude. Our unparalleled depth of experience is second to none and is what helps us get it done better than anyone else.

This Year’s Accomplishments

In 2016, HYC Health continued to grow existing partnerships with clients such as Roche, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and the American Academy of Dermatology. At the same time, we nearly doubled our client roster by forging new relationships with Outcome Health (formerly ContextMedia:Health), UCB, Singulex, and MedComp Sciences.

“I think the key to our success in growing the business is not about understanding WHY people choose HYC Health, but rather why they choose to STAY with HYC Health,” says Carie Pflug, Director of Business Development. “We’re known for reducing the distance between agency engagement and brand outcomes. We have an unbeatable formula for success: we listen and digest the problem, then translate it into solid executions that produce quantifiable results.”

In 2016, the HYC Health team launched five new brands for Roche Diagnostics, including the much-anticipated Elecsys® BRAHMS PCT Solution for the detection of sepsis and a new biomarker for syphilis that helped round out their Infectious Disease portfolio. This was followed by the development of a comprehensive HPV campaign dramatizing the dangers of false-negative HPV test results and the global launch of a Women’s Health thought leadership initiative. The Roche Support Network (RSN) also tasked the team with rebranding their entire division, which included mission, vision, branding, and a large national rollout.

Two new PSAs were developed for the Academy of Dermatology targeting young women and older male patients to address the escalating levels of skin cancer among these two very different groups. The resulting media coverage was the highest in Academy history.

To support the continued growth and expansion of the agency, recruitment and staffing were also major priorities in 2016, as HYC Health tripled headcount with positions added in all departments.

“What we look for when seeking new talent is not just a great resume, but an attitude and passion that fits in with what we are here to accomplish for our clients,” says Larry Farkos, VP of Operations. “What I like most about the team we have assembled is the strong mix of experienced agency veterans and the priceless knowledge they bring to the table, coupled with the fresh and boundless thinking of our young professionals.”

2016 was also a year of recognition for HYC Health, with over 40 creative award wins spanning traditional advertising, customer experience, internal engagement, and interactive campaigns. EVP, Managing Director, Susan Flinn Cobian was also honored to receive leadership and entrepreneurial acclaim with the PM360 Elite (Entrepreneur), PharmaVOICE 100 (Entrepreneur), and Chicago Business Journal’s Women of Influence awards.

Structure and Services Provided

HYC Health is structured to integrate, innovate, and inspire across every platform and channel — from brand strategy, traditional advertising, and media, to PR, social, and data & analytics. “Integration is our not-so-secret weapon,” says Chris DeProfio, VP, Account Director. “We have a team of senior-level specialists who collaborate on solutions for our clients — our ideas are channel-neutral and come from every discipline and cross-pollinate into other great ideas. This means less hassle for clients and ultimately, better brand impact.”

Future Plans

Our number-one priority at HYC Health is to continue to exceed expectations for our existing clients. Our approach to getting that done is to leverage the connection between creativity and technology, and with our recent acquisition of a premier digital agency, we are now able to offer a full range of both front-end and back-end solutions for our clients.

Secondly, the agency has embarked on an aggressive, targeted business development campaign aimed specifically at pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies. “What we are looking to do in 2017 is expand our roster with clients who value a smart, honest partnership and never settle for ‘good enough.’ Because we don’t,” says Cobian.

HYC Health: Agile. Insightful. Savvy.

Featured Work:

The first and only oral B12 supplement to achieve injection level concentrations of B12 supplements needed to up the awareness of the unique benefits of Eligen B12. HYC Health answered the challenge with a highly targeted, highly specialized initiative. We decided to meet qualified patients at the point of care, where they very well might be waiting for a B12 injection.

A saturating, in-office campaign included a 1:30 digital spot, three interactive wallboards, and a specialty specific sell sheet program for reps. The cumulative effect was profound. Awareness among patients and physicians rose dramatically. The effect on directly attributed scripts also dramatically rose. In the program's lifespan, Scripts rose 42%, and that's what we call a win.

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