McK Healthcare

200 State Street 12th Floor
Boston, MA 02109
Tel: 617-482-8228
Fax: 617-482-4994

Founded: 2003

Officers: Michael McLinden, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer; Rich Angelini, SVP & Executive Creative Director; Bonnie Davidson, VP & Director of Creative Services; Ian Gilbert, VP & Director of Digital Marketing; Terry Gladman, SVP & Director of Client Services; Kathryn Hartz, VP & Director of Business Development; Melissa Wojcik, Chief Operating Officer.

2011 Gross Income: $5 million to $10 million

Full Time Employees: 26 (2012) 19 (2011)

Healthcare Accounts: Helsinn Therapeutics: Anamorelin; UCB Inc.: Neupro Restless Legs Syndrome; UCB Inc.: Neupro Parkinson's Disease; UCB S.A.: Neupro Restless Legs Syndrome; UCB S.A.: Neupro Parkinson's Disease; Upsher Smith Laboratories: Divigel; Upsher Smith Laboratories: Precommercial CNS; ColorCon: OpaDry; Healthentics: Corporate; KenCord Biotherapeutics: Derm Products.

Number of Accounts gained: 3

Accounts gained: Colorcon; Healthentics; KenCord Biotherapeutics

Services: Mc|K Healthcare is an advertising, branding, and marketing strategy agency for pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical technology, and biotech companies. We bring experience and resources in all areas of marketing to help clients make the most of their product(s), data, team, and timelines. Our processes are designed around the culture of growing companies with an emphasis on teamwork, practical, implementable strategies, and steady, incremental progress. Our capabilities include: Program management Market analysis Strategic planning Branding Premarketing promotion Core launch creative Integrated promotional tools (iMVA, eMVA, telesales, traditional) Patient and advocacy group communications Scientific and medical writing Formulary kits.

Featured Work

Description: > Divigel®, an estradiol gel for relieving moderate to severe hot flashes due to menopause, has been marketed by Upsher-Smith Laboratories for several years, but has had trouble differentiating itself from its competitors. This rebranding attempts to appeal to patient preference and lifestyle fit.

Creative/account team: Account team: Rich Angelini, Executive Creative Director Emily Peterson, Senior Copywriter Kaitlyn Quealy, Associate Art Director Maggie Patry, Account Director

Why this product is special: We didn’t just update the look and feel of the brand—we created a whole new identity for Divigel® using relaxing, spa-like imagery to position it with personal care. The sophisticated, elegant new look visually captures the cooling relief of the gel.

Mc|K resigns UCB Parkinson's patch as part of creative reboot

Mc|K Healthcare, in the midst of overhauling its creative vision, said it resigned its largest account, UCB's $176-million Neupro Parkinson's patch.

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