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Sentient is an award winning, metrics-driven digital agency with a specialization in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries. Sentient has a balanced approach to developing creative solutions delivered via the Internet, promoting these through multi-tactical digital media campaigns measuring results along the way. Sentient’s steadfast focus on measurement leverages the power of Internet technologies to ensure everything we do is measured, analyzed and optimized to illustrate for our clients an actual return on marketing investment (ROMI). It’s this unique metrics-driven approach that truly differentiates Sentient and gives clients comfort in knowing what they’re getting for their investment through a fully transparent model.

Featured Work

LIVALO is a statin that competes in a market dominated by generics. Since physicians believe that all statins are the same and habitually write their generic of choice, our DTC campaign needed to communicate that failing on certain statins may be due to them interacting with the patient’s other medications.

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  • Targeting in Healthcare: Balancing Opportunity & Responsibility

    Through highly sophisticated targeting techniques, pharma marketers can readily reach their audience by leveraging data points from connected devices. This wealth of information can then be used to develop additional targeting strategies, but we must also be mindful of customer centricity to maximize the benefit to consumers and brands.


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