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Square 1 Partners

6 Venture Suite 315
Irvine, CA 92618
Tel: 949.390.5900

Square 1 Partners is a healthcare-focused, road-tested, full-service advertising agency. Our ultimate goal is to inform audiences with thoughtful, engaging, and experiential work that will ultimately contribute to behavior change and bringing home the proverbial bacon.

By listening in and understanding the players, the points of view, the market dynamics, and the challenges we’re up against, we strategically shape our approach and execute it in a way that will resonate with our target market segments and move the needle in the right direction. This is how we approach every job, whether it’s for a budding start-up or an existing brand that needs some invigorating.

Our partners alone have more than 80 years of collective experience in medical marketing and advertising. Creative Director Rich Fair has personally worked on over 800 brands across 200 companies. Before Square 1, Rich was Chief Creative Director of Ignite Health, the agency he co-founded in 2000.

As a specialist in healthcare marketing for over 25 years, Strategist Lauren Kanner has focused her career on developing strategic marketing plans and campaigns for medical device companies, including Abbott (AMO Division) and start-up companies Refractec and IntraLase. She has also been recognized as Medical Marketing Association’s Medical Marketer of the Year.

Technology Director Les Yates has over 14 years of creative experience in interactive and motion graphics, during which time he launched a variety of award-winning projects, from full digital strategy campaigns to games and virtual experiences. Working closely with leading medical device and top pharmaceutical brands, Les has found innovative ways to leverage the latest technologies and effectively connect brand communications with their target audiences.

Because of our diverse backgrounds, Square 1 offers a gamut of services from market research to brand strategy to campaign development to social media strategy and analytics. Our expertise in healthcare runs across many divisions, including ophthalmology, cardiology, diabetes, hematology, psychology, and medical devices. For additional info on some of the top brands we’ve worked with, check out our website.