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Every year since its founding in 2005, Triple Threat Communications has renewed its commitment to an "un-agency" business model that puts clients first. Unlike traditional agencies that too often come in with their own agendas, Triple Threat keeps their sights on what’s best for their clients and their brands. They understand that by maintaining this client-centric focus, the “rest” will fall into place. There are no off-the-shelf solutions, no layers of overhead, and no hidden agendas. Instead, seasoned veterans who love rolling up their sleeves produce top-quality work with optimal efficiency, unmatched personal attention, and one shared goal: making their clients’ brands as successful as possible.

Headquartered in Paramus, NJ, Triple Threat is an independent, full-service healthcare advertising agency that provides integrated marketing solutions and commercial strategies across audiences and delivery channels. Triple Threat distinguishes itself with the following features:

· A Seasoned Mix of Staff and Expert Contractors – All staff members average at least 15 years of industry experience and have expertise across multiple disciplines and therapeutic categories—many with both diverse client and agency backgrounds. We also employ highly skilled contractors—especially on the creative side—so we can more easily keep pace with the business needs of our clients. We match these senior-level marketing specialists to the business needs of each client, creating dedicated teams that have the knowledge, experience, credibility, and authority to do whatever needs to be done for the brand.

· High-touch Interactions – We believe marketing is a contact sport. Triple Threat employees spend most of their time working on-site with clients, enabling us to keep pace with fast-changing brand, regulatory, and market demands in real time.

· Clients First –TTC never loses sight of its top priority—doing whatever is best for clients and the success of their brands. With a streamlined structure and no investors, holding company, or agency network to appease, TTC rapidly moves ideas forward, always guided by its clients' best interests.

This year, we’ve shown how our work embraces and embodies our beliefs—challenging the network agency model, which has become too rigid and self-interested with its “my way or the highway” approach. Triple Threat published a call-to-action where we urged a return to common sense in advertising and a square deal for customers. We want to shift the focus of internal achievement to the success of the brands we serve. We want to recognize the value of the relationships we build. We want to rise to the challenges our customers face and help them discover new ways to help more patients. We believe it’s time agencies stand up and take responsibility for their prime directive: the success of their clients and the brands they serve. We don’t get lost in the fog that rolls in from holding companies, shareholders, or layers of management overhead. We focus our attention on our clients and their brands.

Triple Threat plans to continue business as "un-usual," making the success of our clients the ultimate measure of our own success.

Featured Work

Network agencies have lost sight of their biggest priority: their clients and brands. A myriad of subversive messages appearing as graffiti on a brick wall support the main message “DOWN WITH NETWORK AGENCY NONSENSE. UP WITH BRANDS.” A strong call-to-action urges the reader to “JOIN THE UNREST” and put brands first.

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  • The Network Agency Model: Big and Broken And clients are paying for it.

    In this manifesto, we declare our beliefs about what our clients really need. We debunk the network agency way, showing how they often lose sight of the main reasons their agency exists: clients and their brands. We describe how Triple Threat directs attention and maintains focus on the needs of the clients and the success of their brands.