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What doctors have to say about those DTC ads

What doctors have to say about those DTC ads


We had SERMO, a social network for physicians, ask about 1,700 physicians what they have to say about the impact of DTC on patient care and choices. Note: It's not pretty.

The DTC Ads of 2016 That Shouldn't Have Happened

The DTC Ads of 2016 That Shouldn't Have Happened


Pharma marketers are producing plenty of exceptional creative work in the DTC realm. There are also plenty that prompt quick checks to make sure that one hasn't inadvertently clicked over to The Onion.

The Top 10 DTC Ads of 2016

The Top 10 DTC Ads of 2016

Mary Skoyles finds that DTC ads are getting better. "There's a lot of interesting work being done," she says. "There are more chances being taken."

Patients are taking on DTC ads. How will drugmakers respond?

Patients are taking on DTC ads. How will drugmakers respond?


Pharma spent more than $4 billion on TV ads last year. Empowered patient communities weren't impressed. Has DTC on TV reached its moment of reckoning?

The 2017 DTC Report: All the data in one place

The 2017 DTC Report: All the data in one place

Drugmakers again spent more on DTC advertising in 2016 than the year before.

DTC Report 2016: Gut Check

DTC Report 2016: Gut Check


DTC is facing a new test from physicians and politicians. Here's why critics fear a deluge, and how they're pushing back.

A ranking of 2015's DTC Ads

A ranking of 2015's DTC Ads

Great DTC pharma advertising during the last year or so has been "sparse," says SSCG Media Group president Debbie Renner. Still, here are her top 10 picks for 2015.

2015 DTC spending: All the data in one place

2015 DTC spending: All the data in one place

Drugmakers spent 20% more on DTC ads in 2015 than in 2014. Eli Lilly was the top spender, shelling out $220.4 million to promote Cialis, its erectile dysfunction drug.

DTC Report 2015: Ten Best DTC Ads of 2014

DTC Report 2015: Ten Best DTC Ads of 2014


Below, a review of last year's 10 best DTC ads, excerpted from MM&M's April cover story, "DTC Report: DTC Unbound," which will be viewable online on Wednesday, March 25. Mary Skoyles reports

Omnicom Group reports income down 13.7% in Q4

Demonstrating just how badly mainline agencies are suffering from the recession, Omnicom Group reported that Q4 net income was down 13.7% to $271 million from $313.9 million for the period a year ago.

Bausch & Lomb launches campaign for Crystalens for cataracts

Bausch & Lomb launched a targeted ad campaign aimed at seniors for its new Crystalens intraocular lens for cataracts.

Nissen comments on DDMAC's needs to restrict DTC

Steven Nissen, head of cardiovascular medicine at Cleveland Clinic, wrote in the journal Nature that DDMAC "needs the right to restrict direct-to-consumer advertising during the first two years a drug is marketed and to preview advertising to ensure it is not misleading."

Social media renders commercial model obsolete: panel


To leverage social media effectively, the drug industry will have to transform its commercial model, said panelists at the ePharma Summit.

McGarryBowen lands consumer advertising business for Chantix


Pfizer moved the consumer advertising business for Chantix to McGarryBowen, ending McCann HumanCare's contract on the smoking cessation drug.

FDA to test out 1-800-AERS


The FDA is weighing requiring DTC TV ads to carry a toll-free number for adverse events reports and is surveying 1,600 consumers to find out what they think, the Associated Press reported.

Roche CEO criticizes TV advertising


Consumer advertising "was the single worst decision for the industry," according to Roche Pharmaceuticals CEO William Burns at a conference in London early last month.

DTC spend lagged in '08, says TNS


Spending on DTC launch campaigns dropped this year as companies waited longer to market fewer new drugs with more limited indications, said a TNS Media Intelligence report.

Watch those advertising and promo claims, say laywers


Attorneys at the Washington law firm of McDermott Will & Emery advised in October that companies wishing to avoid FDA challenges to drug ads and promotional pieces should review their materials in all therapeutic categories to determine whether they make implied outcomes claims.

FDA raps Amgen, Bayer for promos


The FDA's Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising and Communications (DDMAC) issued an untitled letter on a patient brochure for Amgen's Sensipar.

Kohl seeks backup for device ads


Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) said DTC ads for devices should be regulated just as much as those for drugs and called on his colleague in the House, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), to work with him toward that end.

DDMAC warns Bayer on YAZ TV ads


The FDA slapped Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals with a warning letter on two 60-second TV ads for its YAZ contraceptive.

FDA posts DTC guide on its site


FDA posted a guide to drug advertising on its site for consumers, "Be smart about prescription drug advertising."

Ads in Canada had little impact: study


A study of how DTC TV advertising impacted different populations in Canada suggested that ads may have little impact on consumers.

PhRMA sends lawyers to meet with HECC staff

PhRMA sent a delegation of lawyers to meet with House Energy and Commerce Committee staffers to try and head off new regulations and discuss recent work on an update of PhRMA's DTC guidelines.

Warner Chilcott to limit DTC, rely more on reps

Warner Chilcott said it would "make much more limited use of DTC in support of our existing brands," relying instead on reps to drive market share gains

FDA will survey how visuals distract viewers

The FDA will test broadcast-style ads for a bogus blood pressure drug as part of a survey aimed at determining how visuals may distract viewers from risk information.

J&J may consolidate Rx advertising


Johnson & Johnson is considering consolidating advertising and marketing for its pharmaceutical brands into one or possibly two companies, a J&J spokesperson told MM&M.

Parade to launch 'healthy' supplement


Parade Magazine's monthly health supplement, HealthyStyle, debuts Sept. 17, and the publisher hopes it will prove a lure for pharma advertisers.

Pharmas spent $16 million on DTC in WV, according to report

A report by West Virginia's Pharmaceutical Cost Management Council said pharmas spent $16 million on DTC advertising in the state from July 2007 through December 2007.

Dingell, Stupak praise firms for following AMA guidelines

Reps. John Dingell and Bart Stupak, who chair the Committee on Energy and Commerce and the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee thereof, respectively, praised Merck, Schering-Plough, Pfizer and J&J for agreeing to follow AMA guidelines regarding the use of docs in ads and to not advertise off-label uses of drugs.

Pfizer denies it is looking to consolidate

Pfizer gathered capabilities info from its US consumer and professional advertising and PR agencies while issuing RFIs to some non-roster agencies, AdWeek reported.

FTC looks into ads for genetic tests


The Federal Trade Commission has opened an investigation into the possible deceptive advertising and marketing of DTC genetic tests, according to The New York Times

Survey: pols don't dent DTC credibility


All the fury over DTC drug ads emanating from Washington hasn't dented their credibility with consumers, according to Rodale's 11th annual Survey on Consumer Reaction to DTC Advertising of Prescription Drugs.

Merck agrees to TV ad pre-clearance


Merck agreed to submit all TV ads to the FDA before running them and to adhere to agency recommendations on them as part of a Vioxx-related settlement.

Four agree to moratorium


Four top pharmas told Reps. John Dingell and Bart Stupak that they would refrain from advertising new drugs to consumers for six months after they hit the market.

Ads for gene tests test AMA, California


The American Medical Association's House of Delegates adopted a resolution calling for "appropriate organizations" to develop criteria for the advertising of DTC genetic tests

Guidelines on genetic testing at consumers issued

The American College of Medical Genetics issued guidelines on genetic testing aimed at consumers amidst rising DTC advertising of the services.

Cephalon says expenses jumped 30% in Q1

Cephalon reported that selling, general and administrative expenses jumped 30% in the first quarter to $199 million on DTC for narcolepsy drug Provigil (modafinil) and the launch of cancer drug Treanda (bendamustine hydrochloride).

VeriChip Corp. launches first DTC campaign

VeriChip Corp., which makes radio frequency identification devices for healthcare and patient-related needs, launched its first DTC campaign in South Florida at the end of April, rebranding its patient identification system Health Link as part of the effort.

Viagra online ad draws warning


The FDA issued a warning letter to Pfizer for not mentioning the risks of impotence pill Viagra in a video ad on CNN.com.

DTC spend down 3% in '07


Drug industry spend on consumer advertising dropped 3% in 2007 to $5.15 billion, from $5.31 billion in 2006, but spending on product advertising, particularly TV and print, continued to climb.

Gardasil tops at annual Phame Awards


Merck's Gardasil team cleaned up at last month's Phame Awards, winning honors for Best Branded TV, Best Branded Print and Best Integrated Campaign on the strength of its "One less" campaign.

Survey predicts shift in spending away from DTC

DTC spend is slowing, and consumer drug marketers project a shift in spending toward events, rebates/coupons and product placement this year, according to a survey by Cegedim Dendrite.

PhRMA's Tauzin discusses resentment of DTC

PhRMA president Billy Tauzin told The Pink Sheet that DTC ads have been resented because "in many cases, we were talking about new products that they couldn't afford," and said the group's Partnership for Prescription Assistance could help salve that anger.

NEJM study found Zetia uptake rose quicker in US vs. Canada

A New England Journal of Medicine study found Zetia uptake rose much more quickly after introduction in the US than in Canada, and suggested DTC was the main culprit.

Trade group doesn't want 'push' TV, radio or print for Rx info

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations said it doesn't want "push" TV, radio and print mass media for Rx drug info.

Watchdogs want FDA number in ads


Arguing that most Americans don't know about the FDA's adverse events reporting program, Consumers Union said DTC ads should include a toll-free number that patients can use to report side effects to the FDA.

Congress examining anemia drug ads


Congress is gearing up yet another investigation of consumer drug advertising.

Jarvik berates NY Times in letter

Dr. Robert Jarvik berated The New York Times in a March 3 letter for calling him a "pitchman" rather than a "spokesman."

Analysts: Sepracor decrease could mean cut in DTC

Sepracor said in reporting Q4 2007 results, 2008 revenues projected to be spent on sales, marketing and distribution expenses would likely decrease around 10% compared with 2007, despite planned launches.


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Live at MM&M Transforming Healthcare

Pharma faces its 'oh, shit' moment

In his keynote address at the MM&M Transforming Healthcare conference, Dr. Gautam Gulati says the industry is being outpaced by its innovation.

Merck, Takeda execs: Is AI the new bad app?

One executive referred to AI as a "black box" and as the "Tower of Babel."

Value-based care requires innovators to challenge the status quo

Execs stressed the importance of collaboration, consumer-mindedness.

Admetsys wins the 2017 MM&M Startup Showdown

The artificial pancreas can provide value to the health system.

Top 40 Healthcare Transformers

MM&M honors 40 upstarts and veteran innovation gurus.

Top 10 Innovation Catalysts

For the first time MM&M honors a group of 10 agency execs.