Dudnyk restructures staff, post-Stegall

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Following the departure of president Allen Stegall last year, Dudnyk Healthcare Group has made several key hires and promotions as part of a restructure that emphasizes teamwork and simplicity.
Former executive vice president of business development Fred Robbins has assumed Stegall's responsibilities and is now serving as general manager of the agency. Robbins was previously focused on operational aspects.
Barry Schmader was a co-creative director and is now the sole creative director. Chris Tobias, who has taken on more responsibility, now heads the scientific and editorial department.
New hires include an account group supervisor, Steve Piotrowski, who joins from Nelson Communications, as well as a senior art director, John Navickas, who was at Euro RSCG, most recently. Both new hires are currently working on OraPharma, Gen-Probe and Fujirebio Diagnostics accounts.
"We have a very solid and stable core team, which hasn't really changed; we've restructured a few things so we can be even a little more responsive," said Robbins, who noted that the group is trying to stay away from any fancy, over-inflated titles. "The creative director is the creative director, the scientific director is the scientific director and the person running the agency is the general manager."
"We are not afraid to sacrifice ego for a good idea," added Robbins. "That's really the mentality we have engrained here over the last four or five months. Its not just about individual effort, it really is about the collective team effort."
Dudnyk has taken on additional business with existing client, Medtronic and has won new work for Triple-i. Internationally, Dudnyk has increased its workload for Merck and is also focusing on increasing the momentum of an alliance with London-based agency, Wonder Works.
Dudnyk has also expanded its office space as part of the restructure.
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