Keep Calm and Sell Drugs: Your New Daily Affirmation?

To be sure, anything borrowing from the well-known "Keep Calm" genre should not be construed as advice. The doctor is definitely not in.

40 Different Ways to Reshape Healthcare

Healthcare's collision with lower-cost genetic sequencing, mobile tech, AI, and consumerization will transform the trajectory of how we live for the next 10 years.

Is a Crisis Brewing for Watson Health?

In the wake of MD Anderson's costly failure with IBM's Watson supercomputer, a Watson backlash brewing in biopharma may lead to a moment of reckoning in life sciences.

Another Pharmageddon? The Looming Threat to 2017 Ad Budgets

Despite budgets bouncing back from a decrease in 2015, big threats have appeared that may temper future plans, Iskowitz writes.

Pharma/Payer Collaboration: A Kumbaya Moment or a Passing Trend?

The idea is that each gets some of what it needs. Payers gain some control over cost, and pharma may get to stay on formulary.

MM&M's new logo reflects the evolving industry

This month we will debut a restyled MM&M logo on our website, in a mobile-friendly, redesigned email newsletter, and on the cover of our magazine.

The New Reality for Pharma Marketers is Drug Pricing

My hope is that all of us do a better job of focusing on value.

How We Picked the Health Influencer 50

Each of this year's Influencers wields significant influence at a major health-related organization and boasts high-profile accomplishments, oftentimes ahead of the aforementioned pain-of- change curve.

MM&M's First 50 Years: A Look at What's Changed for Pharma, and What Hasn't

Some innovations are still emerging, while others seem more elusive than ever. You'll find many moments whose impact resonates through time.

Five-Figure Salaries. Big Hair. Pharma, 1987

When the Career and Salary Survey made its debut, in 1987, Eli Lilly's Prozac led the list of mass-market drug launches and AIDS therapy had taken a big step forward with the approval of GlaxoSmithKline's AZT, a year earlier.

With Gender Issues, Details Matter

Were we trying to celebrate these women for having made hard-won progress in gender parity while also perpetuating a stereotype about them?

Why Healthcare Needs "Mad Women"

Besides being the right thing to do, elevating woman leaders confers a competitive edge to companies, a fact confirmed by multiple studies.

Marketers Must Help Decode the EHR for Pharma

Many healthcare marketers still struggle to convey the importance of the digital medium in what is now undoubtedly a mostly digital world.

Healthcare Opens Up to Innovation and Says 'Ah'

Innovation leaders in the healthcare sector say hire experienced staff, centralize your team, and encourage women in innovation to rise up the C-suite.

Report Reflects Pharma's Strained Ties with Payers

Payer pressure was once again voted the biggest challenge by respondents, and medium and large biopharma and medical device companies appeared to be most bothered by it.

Is This the End of Agency Diversification?

DTC and OTC/wellness can borrow from mainstream consumer shops. Professional marketing may pose a tougher sell.

Marc Iskowitz: Our Own Golden Era Has Begun

January marks the start of the 50th annual publication cycle of MM&M. We're also witnessing the industry enter its own technological golden era.

Editor's Desk: Three Problems Ailing the Health Hackathon

Hackathons are a dime a dozen in healthcare. But are they encouraging the community to collaborate on solving the most nettlesome problems, or merely to tinker on me-too solutions?

Editor's Desk: Escaping the Shkreli Cycle

Three suggestions for defusing the highly charged pricing atmosphere

Editor's Desk: Salaries on the Comeback

There remains a pressing need for more progress in puncturing the glass ceiling

Editor's Desk: Kim Kardashian West's tempest in a bottle

Could Kardashian West's now-notorious Diclegis social post be more than an OPDP case study?

Editor's Desk: Off-label and on the record

Taking a look back at what's happened—and what hasn't happened—on the healthcare communications policy front so far this summer

Editor's Desk: Intrigues de Palais

Can agencies prove that regulations no longer hinder Grand Prix-level branded work?

Pharmanormal activities

When Monique Levy, one of the most-level-headed analysts in the pharma industry, calls attention to a mysterious phenomenon, you listen.

Editor's Desk: And the researchers go wild

Apple's ResearchKit could accelerate the pace at which industry approaches start-ups building products in the patient-facing part of health tech

Editor's Desk—Pill+: Now I'm a Believer

If you look at this as simply a tool to drive your brand, you've missed the point

Editor's Desk: Trials and innovations

How should pharma organize around adjacencies to therapeutics?

Editor's Desk: Whither the fast followers?

Will DIY and the mHealth movement be the catalysts driving change?

Disruption on Display

As these 40 standouts show, the industry is ready to move forward

Adherence is in the behavior

There needs to be a greater effort put into the issue of adherence. What can academia, providers, pharma and payers do to address this pressing need?

Marketing to Millennials

Gen Y wants companies to stand for "Important missions and values"

Down... But Not Out

Satisfaction levels among pharma-based respondents fell, but didn't exactly tank

Live, Listen and Learn

Companies are realizing that they need to be more attuned to their audience

We've Only Just Begun

We cemented our credibility during the most difficult period for publishing

Going for the Ultimate Goal

Since when was the US better at soccer than advertising?

Bringing back the magic

At MM&M's Leadership Exchange, the passion, candor, enthusiasm and respect were second-to-none

One-product wonders

When it comes to the patent cliff, pharma, it seems, is so over it

Storied in great content

Content marketing is no mystery. It's just the art of sharing good stories

Insight trumps innovation

At any given time, 25-40% of your staff don't know how to do their jobs

Shiny objects with meaning

Gaming does not trivialize the patient's experience of a chronic disease

Five stars for the New Year

In this issue's All-stars coverage you'll find five great industry success stories from the past year. Here, in a nutshell, is why each won

Wiping the slate clean

What if pharmaceutical marketing could start again with a clean slate, reinvent age-old marketing instincts and put in place some things that we think would think might work a little better? What would it look like?

Impatience over patients

The battle for patient-centricity sounds a lot like the fight for digital

The good, bad, ugly truth

MM&M's Career & Salary Survey usually throws up at least one interesting storyline or trend each year, based on an analysis of the numbers. In this, the study's 27th year, I can give you at least three.

Of message and medium

HCPs are viewing more content than before—but probably not your content

New dialogue, old hangups

The breathtaking speed with which pharma marketing continues to evolve demands a continuous dialogue

The fruits of reinvention

Objectives have been redefined... now it's time to put them into practice

A measure of change

The actual amounts may be small, but the direction of the swing is undeniable

A marketer and a patient

When Ian Talmage, Bayer HealthCare's SVP, global marketing, was faced with a cancer diagnosis, he found that other patients had more information to offer him than pharma did

Draining the bathwater

The fact that Pfizer cut DTC spend by 30% and kept the top spot tells its own story

Data dive or treasure trove?

With the advent of expansive data, risk management has evolved to include assessment of the risk of not doing things.

The new killer app: Humans

Pharma's "digital adoption" conversation has almost always focused on new technologies, new channels, new audiences and new skills. But that's changing fast.

The courage to collaborate

Too often "innovation" translates to "finding the best way to cut budgets"

It's back on, whatever 'it' is

If ever an industry could use four years of things staying basically the same, it's pharma

Are we nearly there yet?

When toilet paper can get 2 million likes, you start to realize pharma is missing out

The greatest intentions

There is no way that each year more than a third of the industry is job hunting

Pharma's new best friend

Apple's tablet device, it seems, is now pharma's best friend, too. But it's not as simple as just rolling up to the physician's office, flashing your iPad for five minutes and watching market share soar.

There's life beyond the cliff

Obamacare could cost the industry $140 billion—not exactly a windfall

The biggest little black book

Change is everywhere in healthcare... Standing still is not an option.

Your future in their hands

Not all gizmos are at war with mobile. In healthcare, it's become the opposite.

When no news is bad news

Like it or not, you have an obligation to communicate with your stakeholders

Hope-infested waters

Pharma has made advances in solving health problems and that's where the future lies

Desperate measures

Researchers are sensing a waning influence within their companies

Change you can believe in

A body of evidence suggests that gamification might change the world

How we make the stars align

Each year we are asked by many people how we arrive at our choices for the MM&M All-Stars. Here 's how we make those decisions.

2012, our giant-leap year

We are planning to host at least three more virtual events in 2012

Life in the slow lane

Is pharma catching up with technology or are companies still marketing like it's 1999?

Message from the editor

The objective of the MM&M Awards program is to recognize and champion both creativity and effectiveness in healthcare marketing and communications. And what really sets these awards apart is the level of independence and authority with which every submission is judged.

We've been here all along

While trawling through the MM&M archives ahead of our this, our 45th birthday, I found hundreds of gems—each story helping to chronicle the magnitude, direction and pace of the various changes our industry has undergone over the past four and a half decades.

Top leaders need top talent

As everybody always tells me, good talent is always in demand - especially now, and especially in this industry.

Apps without borders

Just as we are going to press with this August print issue, the FDA has issued a set of draft guidelines for mobile medical apps.

10 strategies for evolution

The days are long, there's a whiff of barbecue in the air, A/C units have returned to their windows, the Mets are almost out of contention...and MM&M has been very, very busy. It must be July.

The age of innovation

There's a lot of talk about innovation in pharma these days, or, at least, there's a lot of talk about the need for pharma to innovate.

The incredible thinking industry

In Jack Arnold's 1957 cult sci-fi classic The Incredible Shrinking Man, businessman Robert Scott Carey is condemned to a life of shrinkage, for which there is no medicinal remedy.

DTC is dead/long life DTC

I'm a gonna tell you how it's gonna be..." screamed rock musician Jack White outside his music trailer, at the start of an "impromptu" one-man show at last month's all-conquering SXSW festival in Austin, TX.

Shiny toys and happy people

If you're an advertising agency and I'm on your home page, 100% of the time I'm there to do something other than watch a Flash intro.

Apps and apparitions

This month's cover story hails mobile apps as the future of patient education and disease management, which is a somewhat courageous statement.

Power and responsibility

Did you know that in India more human legs are lost each year to diabetes--around 40,000--than are lost to landmines across the entire world? Neither did I.

The patently obvious

This time last year, the majority of us were glad to see the back of 2009. The industry welcomed 2010 with an uncertain mix of trepidation, relief, hope and bracing for the worst.

Thinking outside the bag

The chilly morning commutes into the office, and the dark journeys home, are evidence enough that fall has set in. But it's not only the seasons and the leaves that are changing. There are plenty of shifts taking place in pharma, too.

A Message from the Editor

Welcome to this special showcase of the best work from the MM&M Awards 2010. Once again, the quality of the 46 gold- and silver- winning entries featured in these pages is outstanding.

Primary care alive and well

Last month, I began this column by revealing what seemed like the first piece of good news in a long time--namely, that the average paycheck in the industry had risen for the first time in three years, according to our Career & Salary Survey.

It's not always about money

Finally, some good news--salaries are back! At least, according to the 24th annual MM&M Career & Salary Survey.

Who moved the goalposts?

Promoting prescription drugs is obviously a lot different than hawking cars, soda and sports apparel, not least because of the highly regulated environment in which pharma marketers operate.

Why do we do it this way?

Welcome to the big, fat July issue, featuring our extensive annual coverage of healthcare agencies.

Left to our own devices

The fine spring weather we've been enjoying here at MM&M has really put us in the mood to break out of the box and explore one or two fresh pastures.

Don't ask Dr. Dean if DTC is right

Even though it's now been 13 years since the first ever TV commercial for a prescription drug brand debuted on our TV screens--Claritin's "Blue Skies"--the debate about the morality and responsibility of DTC advertising rages on. And the arguments haven't really changed all that much.

Cliffs notes on expiring patents

Often, when I am exposed to certain words and phrases, it acts as a cue for my mind to break into an accompanying composition of incidental music and fitting sounds effects.

Where patients are a virtue

Just a few hours before a heavy blizzard almost brought last month's ePharma Summit to its knees, a man called Dave deBronkart, aka e-Patient Dave, had brought it to its feet. I make no apologies if you already know his story; it's important and it's hardly boring.

B here, there, everywhere

Enough of what you can't do online! This has been the mantra at MM&M in the past few weeks, and the brief for this month's Patient Marketing Report.

Five gold rings

When we set out to find our five All-Star teams for 2010, we were a little concerned that it might turn into an exercise for identifying the businesses and brands that...well, sucked the least in 2009. We needn't have worried.

Advocates and adversaries

I got a golden ticket! Or rather, my senior editor Matthew Arnold did.

Message from the Editor

Welcome to this showcase of winning entries to the MM&M Awards 2009. Once again, the quality of work is of the very highest order.

Guidance is golden

After last year's MM&M Awards produced success stories for numerous "nimble, smaller" shops, it was interesting to see some of the big boys fighting back in style this year: Saatchi & Saatchi, Draftfcb, McCann, GSW Worldwide, Ogilvy Healthworld and ghg (Grey) were all among the golds.

The leaves continue to fall

If you want to see something really ugly, then you need look no further than the journal advertising numbers for the first half of 2009.

Reality check on pay

It's salary survey season again at MM&M and given the economic turbulence that has characterized the past year, we didn't really know what to expect when we crunched the numbers.

Who are they to judge?

It was 8:30 am on Monday, July 13, at the Warwick Hotel in the heart of the Big Apple and most of the 41 healthcare marketing and media execs that made up the MM&M Awards 2009 judging panel were already assembled, awakening their senses with coffee, cleansing their minds with vitamin C and sharpening their teeth on bagels.

Double-digit opportunity

I just might be the only editor of a longstanding business title who, this year, has the pleasure of welcoming readers to its biggest-ever issue.

Credit where credit's due

You know that CME is in a bit of trouble when its longest-serving provider is hanging up its accreditation credentials and stepping out of the game.

Climbing the social ladder

Somebody asked me a few days ago why I bother to tweet. "What's the point of Twitter?" he continued.