Eli Lilly posts robust second-quarter sales results

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Eli Lilly posted strong second-quarter sales results yesterday, despite a 19% net income drop due to charges and other items.

Lilly reported that its second-quarter sales rose to $4.63 billion from $3.87 billion.

Second-quarter highlights included:

*Sales of the Indianapolis drugmaker's best-selling product, the antipsychotic Zyprexa, which totaled $1.2 billion, a 9% increase compared with the second-quarter of 2006. U.S. sales of Zyprexa rose 4%, to $563.5 million. Zyprexa sales in international markets were up 14%, to $649.4 million.

*Sales of antidepressant Cymbalta, which generated $519.5 million, an increase of 67%. U.S. sales of Cymbalta were up 70% to $457.6 million. Sales outside the U.S. were $61.9 million, an increase of 53%.

* Sales of chemotherapy Gemzar, which totaled $395.6 million, an increase of 15%. Sales in the US were up 11% to $165.8 million, while sales outside the US rose 19%, to $229.8 million.

*Sales of osteoporosis treatment Evista, which totaled $278 million. US sales of Evista increased 1%, to $176.9 million. Sales outside the U.S. increased 1% to $101.1 million.

*Sales of Cialis for the second-quarter, which generated $293.1 million. Worldwide sales of Cialis grew 26%. US sales of Cialis were $110.2 million, a 17% increase.

*Worldwide sales of insulin Humulin, which increased 10% to $242.8 million.

*Sales of lung cancer treatment Alimta generated sales of $207.1 million, an increase of 35%. US sales of Alimta increased 22% to $107.4 million, while sales outside the U.S. increased 53%, to $99.7 million.

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