Emerging Markets

India's Marck gets FDA Warning Letter

Inspectors of Marck Biosciences found an array of problems during a October-November 2013 inspection, including mold near a sterile area that was so bad "the room had 'partially caved in.'"

Generic Viagra floods Brazil

The generic ED pills sell for five cents less than Pfizer's branded blue pill, but the undercutting is a bit deeper.

India establishes inspection guidelines

The new rules are expected to do away with the haphazard nature of facility inspections.

China lifts some pricing restrictions

Drug quality problems and shortages are behind the shift that will affect antibiotics, painkillers and vitamins.

Gilead ponders Sovaldi price break

The drug maker is reportedly talking low rates for India's market.

Actavis wants out of China

The generics drugmaker tells Bloomberg the hassle is not worth it.

Lilly tees up 2014 expectations

Lilly tees up 2014 expectations


The company releases 2014 guidance Tuesday, but signals from the previous 12 months indicate the Indiana drugmaker is determined to hit its $20-billion earnings target, patent losses be damned.

Takeda's sales-op expansion continues

The Japanese drugmaker's Israeli operation marks its sixth new sales outpost this year.

IMS predicts $1T global drug market by 2017

IMS predicts $1T global drug market by 2017


The catch is the difference between sales and revenues. Generics will continue to be a force, and small-audience drugs will become increasingly important.

India's dual pricing pressures

Domestic manufacturers are being pressured to offer domestic discounts to international clients.

GSK breaks cloud cover with financial results

GSK breaks cloud cover with financial results


GlaxoSmithKline second-quarter sales rose 2% over the same period last year. CEO Andrew Witty says it is too early to tally the impact of China's corruption allegations.

Why India's Actos ban has even local firms puzzled


Indian health regulators recently banned Takeda's Actos, a perplexing move that could set a new precedent in the country.

After rough '12, PHCG looks to inject more life into business


An agency bellwether, PHCG is hoping to return to growth after a tame 2012, its CEO said this week.

Business briefs: Roche, Vital Art and Science, Gilead, Sanofi

Roche and Isis pair up for Huntingtons, Vital's prescription vision app gets approved, FDA approval revives maligned morning sickness drug, Gilead sends hep C therapy to regulators and Sanofi's emerging market exposure grabs attention.

Success in emerging markets hinges on broad network


Execs told Booz & Co researchers that the relationships web in emerging markets needs to be deeper than one-on-one sales pitches.

Pharma's iPad, emerging-markets strategies to get 2nd look in 2013, agency execs predict

From tech shifts to talent, and from emerging markets to engaging with social media, agency execs offer their predictions for what the New Year will bring.

Company news: Capgemini, HealthPrize and Warc International

The amount of revenue pharma leaves on the table due to non-adherence is much more than previously thought, a new study suggests.

Consumers to disease: You're not the boss of me


A global study of consumer attitudes towards health found evidence for the "empowered consumer" hypothesis, with respondents expressing a greater sense of control over and responsibility for their health.

Merck, GSK expand sales forces in China

Merck, GSK expand sales forces in China


Merck and GSK are both increasing the number of sales reps operating in China, according to separate presentations given by the two companies. In both cases, added reps in emerging markets are helping to offset significant reductions in US sales forces, company executives said.


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How Pharma Can Benefit from the Transformation of Pharmacy

Who Needs a Gold Watch, Anyway?


Live at MM&M Transforming Healthcare

Pharma faces its 'oh, shit' moment

In his keynote address at the MM&M Transforming Healthcare conference, Dr. Gautam Gulati says the industry is being outpaced by its innovation.

Merck, Takeda execs: Is AI the new bad app?

One executive referred to AI as a "black box" and as the "Tower of Babel."

Value-based care requires innovators to challenge the status quo

Execs stressed the importance of collaboration, consumer-mindedness.

Admetsys wins the 2017 MM&M Startup Showdown

The artificial pancreas can provide value to the health system.

Top 40 Healthcare Transformers

MM&M honors 40 upstarts and veteran innovation gurus.

Top 10 Innovation Catalysts

For the first time MM&M honors a group of 10 agency execs.