'Epi' tools aim to ease forecasting

Market forecasting is never an easy process, but Datamonitor believes its new epidemiological offering can help.

The UK firm launched two tools to help accurately determine current and future disease burdens: EpiFocus, an epidemiological database, and EpiReport, which interprets trends and provides background to the disease epidemiology. Combined with treatment data, epidemiological figures can be used to forecast unmet market need, typically through a bottom-up forecast.

“It's really fundamental to get good epi. data right at the beginning of your forecasting,” said Sarah Dougan, MA, MSc, senior member of the Datamonitor epidemiology team, which was formed last year and is available for client consultations.

The first installment contains detailed segmentation of the breast cancer population, with the number of treatable cases in each of the seven major markets forecast over a 10-year period. Datamonitor plans to release data on other cancers—NSCL, colon and rectal—throughout this year and next.

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