Best Corporate Marketing Campaign

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Best Corporate Marketing Campaign
Best Corporate Marketing Campaign
Draftfcb Healthcare NY and Cephalon Oncology
“Every Cancer Counts”

Draftfcb Healthcare leveraged Cephalon Oncology's commitment to orphan cancers to develop a corporate marketing platform centered on the tenet that “Every Cancer Counts.” Creative illustrates that many types of cancer patients have “fallen through the cracks,” been “missed by medicine,” or “forgotten by pharma.”

“This campaign was emotionally powerful,” commented one judge. “It's truly a brand for real people.”

Another judge described the overall effort as a “strong emotional campaign idea.”

The first phase of the campaign included a 45-second spot aimed at internal stakeholders and field force representatives. The agency noted that it helped build morale and generate “one voice.” A rollout for physician and investor audiences followed.

“Cephalon Oncology needed to carve out some mindspace for its corporate franchise,” the agency explained.  
By highlighting what the agency called “the little people: the ones with rare cancers that now have a fighting chance because of Cephalon Oncology's commitment to cancers big and small,” the campaign helped position the company as one that extends “compassion and caring for cancer patients will all tumor types, not just the commercially viable ones.”

Cephalon's research currently targets a broad range of cancers, including acute myeloid leukemia, acute promyelocytic leukemia, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, chronic lympohcytic leukemia, multiple myeloma and myelodysplastic syndrome.

The agency reported that the campaign has generated “considerable enthusiasm among internal stakeholders.”  

CDM Princeton and Gilead Sciences
The Wave of Hope

One judge described the campaign image of red AIDS awareness ribbons forming a large wave as “a powerful visual that begs you to learn more.” Another added: “Makes a great visual out of a common image.” The agency said recent data and revised treatment guidelines support treating AIDS early, and the strategy was to “create an unbranded campaign that told this story in a motivating way.” The campaign successfully reinforced Gilead's leadership role in HIV and encouraged doctors to initiate treatment earlier.

The Finalists
  • CDM Princeton and Gilead Sciences—The Wave of Hope
  • Draftfcb Healthcare NY and Cephalon Oncology—“Every Cancer Counts”
  • Draftfcb Healthcare NY and Talecris—Prolastin-C “New Formula” Relaunch
  • Torre Lazur McCann and Novartis—TLM Novartis Congratulations
  • Wishbone-ITP and Medical Advertising Hall of Fame—Lacrimation
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