Best Disease/Education Website

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Best Disease/Education Website
Best Disease/Education Website

Recognizes excellence for websites promoting education about specific disease states ( or health issues (

Siren Interactive and Baxter Healthcare Corporation User Experience Enhancements

Though has long been a top resource for hemophilia patients and caregivers, competition and recent advances in online patient options have raised expectations.

Siren Interactive updated content and developed a progressively personalized, custom approach to promote the site's resources and support programs.

The site was restructured into two navigation pathways—topic-based and age-group-based content. Categories under each path guide visitors through a wide variety of information resources.

Judges liked the site's segmentation as well as its design, interactive elements, clear presentation of information and purpose and call to action.

“Content adjustments are very easy to navigate,” noted one judge, “driving a personal approach.”

Images of patients and stories are featured, and patient-focused content and callouts are distributed throughout the site. A “Recommended Next Pages” feature with a ranking/tracking system to personalize selection for users was developed for every page.

While not requiring log-in, the site still provides anonymous user-behavior insight without violating privacy issues. The agency also optimized metadata to increase organic search rankings of a life-stage and topic-based SEM campaign.

Average time spent on the site, average number of pages viewed per visit and program support inquiries are all up.

“A great resource,” said another judge.

Brightworks Interactive Marketing and The Arthritis Foundation

Tackle Gout!

This website, designed to educate and engage gout patients and family members, is rich with content and features, including KOL videos, customized planning and tracking tools, and a customized drag-and-drop brochure. Football is an overarching theme, given its popularity with the target audience (men ages 33 to 55).

“Good use of theme,” said one judge. “Information was easy and interesting to view.”

“Great layout,” noted another.

Within three months, the site got 50,550 visits and 185,151 page views.

The Finalists

• Brightworks Interactive Marketing and The Arthritis Foundation—Tackle Gout!

• H4B Chelsea and Genzyme, a Sanofi Company—MS Atrium, The Gateway to MS knowledge (

• Ignite Health and Vertex—

• Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and Abbott Laboratories—

• Siren Interactive and Baxter Healthcare Corporation— User -Experience Enhancements

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