Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand

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Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand
Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand

Recognizes excellence from any print publication and/or web property carying editorial content directed at healthcare professionals, including medical journals and periodicals.


Internal Medicine News Digital Network

IMNG Medical Media, which publishes Internal Medicine News, reinvented and augmented its Internal Medicine News Digital Network in September 2010. In the 12 months following, revenue jumped more than 161%, and continued to trend up for Q1 2012. Page views shot up last year to 71,545, and the site drew 40,435 unique visitors.

Judges were impressed with strong business results and overall enhancements. “The leader in the space,” said one.

Primary care medicine remains central, though specialty coverage is now broader and more robust, covering categories such as cardiology, diabetes, geriatric medicine and more.

News is reported daily, and multimedia enhancements include contextual links to -primary source material, graphical elements, embedded video interviews, podcasts and blogs.

“We designed an article template tailored to meet online reading needs and provide readers with immediate-glance information about the source of the article and its ‘vitals',” the company said. “Additionally, we have incorporated KOL perspectives on the meaning of study findings for the way our readers practice medicine.”

Content is available on a range of platforms, including owned YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages. The site is optimized for mobile, and an iPhone app launched last November, followed by an iPad app.

All products and features are built in-house with the highest standards of journalistic professionalism.

MedPage Today

More than 20 reporters worldwide cover medical news for MedPage Today. Judges praised its “comprehensive” and “high quality” coverage.

Navigation was reworked to provide content by specialty, with an emphasis on ensuring a consistent experience across web and mobile.

“Visually strong and well laid-out,” said one judge

Monthly ad revenue jumped more than 600% in 2011. Site traffic was up 80%, with monthly unique visits up 228% to 1.3 million. Monthly user registrations climbed 238% to 16,000.

The Finalists

• Internal Medicine News Digital Network

• Pharmacy Times

• The Smartest Doc

• MedPage Today


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