Best Interactive Initiative for HCPs

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Best Interactive Initiative for HCPs
Best Interactive Initiative for HCPs

Recognizes excellence for interactive initiatives targeting healthcare professionals, such as interactive visual aids, tablet PC programs, e-detailing, video-simulation, interactive sales training, e-CME, CRM programs, mobile and gaming.

Blue Diesel and Zimmer Surgical

Augmented Reality

After more than a decade of divesting itself as a player in the surgical orthopedic handset market, Zimmer Surgical re-entered the category with the launch of Zimmer Universal Power System, a powerful customizable handset tool used in various surgical scenarios.

Though the product offers surgeons and hospitals benefits and advantages, the sales force faced challenges in detailing with the actual device. Demo kits were too heavy and expensive to carry on every call, especially when trying to sell “behind the red line,” i.e. in the OR wing. Zimmer needed to give reps a practical and cost effective way to let orthopedic surgeons have a tangible experience with the new handset.

On a budget of less than $60,000 Blue Diesel created an augmented reality iPad asset that lets reps give surgeons a feel for what it would be like to use the device and illustrate its advantages and points of differentiation. The detail includes demos of attachments for drilling, reaming, sawing and specialized actions.

“Interactive and cool,” said one judge. “This cost saving use of technology drove home key brand messaging,” noted a second.

The agency reported the cost of using the augmented reality device is approximately 12% of the cost of a demo kit. Additionally, Zimmer expects all reps to use the augmented reality device 70% of the time in the selling process. The agency added that reps are “thrilled to bring their cutting-edge products to market via an equally innovative medium.”

“A great use of the iPad to demonstrate the product,” commented a third judge. 

Rosetta and Otsuka America Pharmaceutical

Augmented Reality Virtual Hyponatremia Patient iPad app


Designed to engage HCPs during conventions and educate them on risks of hyponatremia, this innovative app features a 3D virtual patient image with an interface allowing access from the patient's brain, heart and legs to information delivered in video, audio, text and graphic form.

Judges applauded the app for increasing booth time and engagement.

Outside conventions, select HCPs could download the app, receive the target pattern and use the Virtual Hyponatremia Patient to educate colleagues.

The Finalists

• Blue Diesel and Zimmer Surgical—Augmented Reality

• Blue Diesel and Astellas Pharmaceuticals—iPad Presentation

• Draftfcb Healthcare NY and Janssen Biotech—Stelara iDetail

• Intouch Solutions and Alkermes—VIVITROL Opioid iPad e-Detail

• Rosetta and Otsuka America Pharmaceutical—Augmented Reality Virtual Hyponatremia Patient iPad app

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