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LifeMed Media, Inc.

With over 24 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes, dLife faced a disconcerting metric: only 12% of that population is “in control” of their condition and meeting ADA guidelines. Many diabetics remain undereducated about the condition, and aren't necessarily standing in line for tips about lifestyle management.

To bring in those more passive individuals, dLife sought to facilitate a spirit of camaraderie among patients, while emphasizing that diabetes is best treated as a lifestyle, rather than a chronic disease.

To complement over 80,000 pages of informational content on the site, dLife added 350+ broadcast-quality videos, enlisted 12 leading bloggers to write on a variety of issues, built a database of over 9,000 recipes and created an around-the-clock support tool called “Ask The Expert.” In the process, dLife grew a community of 50,000 members and 150,000 posts, plus a database of over 800,000 diabetic consumers.

As a result, the brand has maintained its seat at the top of an increasingly crowded category. According to comScore data from the third quarter of 2008, dLife was number one in unique visitors (600,000 per month), page views per visit, repeat usage and time spent on the site.

Judges raved over the website's multifaceted content and video, its navigability and the sheer breadth of information available to patients. The brand team cited the importance of delivering “medu-tainment” to keep patients engaged and coming back for more. As a diabetes “type-agnostic” destination, the site not only targets type 1 and type 2 patients, but also includes content for individuals in the prediabetes stage, or women with gestational diabetes. The site's community regularly generates discussions on a range of topics, as well as testimonials and photos.

Located at, the website offers hard-to-find diabetes products, accessories and diabetic-friendly snacks and vitamins through its dLife Store.

Time, Inc., a relatively new entry in the space, won judges over this year with its easy navigation and straight-forward content. The site, backed by Time, Inc., reminded at least one judge of other properties such as and—a positive in terms of presentation. The site's unique visitors grew by 280% for the month of April, compared with April 2008's figures, and received 273% more page views. The site's homepage and newsy topics motivated one judge to describe the site as “a good first stop for basic health questions.”
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