Best Online Patient Relationship/Adherence

Best Online Patient Relationship/Adherence
Best Online Patient Relationship/Adherence
Recognizes excellence from online programs, including CRM -programs that support patients that are already taking a particular therapy or using a particular medical device.

gcgCONNECT and Novo Nordisk

Cornerstones4Care Patient -Relationship/Adherence Program

The Cornerstones4Care diabetes support program was designed to improve diabetes care for all diabetes patients—not just those on Novo Nordisk therapies. The program extends beyond adherence to address the four cornerstones of diabetes care—healthy eating, staying active, medicine and self-management.  An algorithm that recognizes patient attitudes, behavior, and prior interactions was developed to provide individualized “right time” information, tools, resources and support.

“Very targeted—it feels like the site is talking to you,” said one judge.  “A thorough, well-navigated program,” noted a second.

Visitors to the site can select one of six avatars whose situation mirrors their own. A customized screen assembles the most relevant site resources, and provides a path to follow to optimize the initial visit.

Once visitors are fully registered, customization levels increase. Home screens greet them by name, provide links to key resources, and deliver customized information. Registration also triggers emails, direct mails and phone support.

ROI for 2011 was 6:1. The program drove 25,000 incremental prescriptions. Open rates for more than 2.4 million emails hit 9%, and one in four clicked through to the website. Annual site visits topped 370,000 with 1.8 million page views. An average of more than 1,000 members visited the site daily, viewing 4.4 pages and staying nearly nine minutes per visit.

“A well thought through program and strategy,” said a third judge.

Digitas Health and Novartis

Novartis “Get On Track Program”


Rather than overwhelm high blood pressure patients with big changes, this program delivers “nudges” in the form of simple information and tools to help manage the condition. 

An introductory video impressed all judges. One commented that the program was “well thought through.” A second felt the “crisp user experience” likely contributed to “great results,” which included 32,000 enrollees and 30% average open rate on emails. The agency also reported 97% patients who start the program stick with it.

The Finalists

• Anderson DDB Health & Lifestyle and DePuy—Real Life Tested

• Digitas Health and Novartis—Novartis “Get On Track Program”

• gcgCONNECT and Novo Nordisk—Cornerstones4Care  Patient Relationship/Adherence Program

• H4B Catapult and Novartis—CML Navigator

• McCann Torre Lazur and Aptalis—Live2Thrive

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