Best Professional Campaign for New Launches

MeDS Pump—Approximately Isn't Good Enough
MeDS Pump—Approximately Isn't Good Enough

Recognizes excellence in print ads for the launch of a new prescription drug, medical product or service appearing in any medical journal or periodical.


• Area 23 and Fresenius for “MeDS Pump—Approximately Isn't Good Enough”

• Cline Davis and Mann (CDM) and Salix Pharmaceuticals for “Positively in Control” (Fulyzaq)

• Dudnyk and Dentsply for “Nu World” (Nupro)

• Mc|K Healthcare and UCB for “Neupro RLS Ads”

• The CementBloc and Salix ­Pharmaceuticals for “Mr Butt Print Ad: Biker” (Giazo)

Area 23 and Fresenius
MeDS Pump—Approximately Isn't Good Enough

Judges thought this campaign was exceptionally well conceived and executed.

The challenge was to introduce the MeDS Pump, a dialy­sis machine peripheral device that delivers a predictable, accurate dosage of ­VenofeR (iron sucrose injection) to three distinct audiences with different needs.

The agency explained that dialysis center purchasing managers require efficiency; nephrologists need accuracy; and nephrology nurse administrators want ease. The idea that “approximately isn't good enough” was used to communicate with all three audiences.

“The campaign portrays everyday situations where approximation simply doesn't cut it,” the agency said. “This is a parallel to the challenge dialysis centers face when administering VenofeR. As a metaphor for the risks of inaccuracy, the campaign provides the perfect set-up for the introduction of the automated solution—the new MeDS Pump.”

The ads immediately grab and hold attention. One shows an analog alarm clock that's set for 7:00 o'clock but reads “7:ish” with the tagline “Precision is everything.” Another shows three people stranded in an elevator that's not lined up with its floor with the tagline “Approximately isn't good enough.” A third ad shows a man looking out an open airplane door at a jet bridge that's too far to the left of the door with the tagline “‘Nearly there' is far from there.”

“Simple and insightful,” said one judge. “It's great to see something human—and humorous—within the sea of sameness.”

One judge found the “7:ish” ad particularly clever, and another noted that “everyone at the table reacted positively” to the overall campaign.

The agency reported brand awareness has exceeded expectations, and demand for the pump has outpaced ­availability.

Mc|K Healthcare and UCB, Inc.
Neupro RLS ads

To help launch Neupro, a 24-hour dopamine agonist with a restless legs syndrome (RLS) indication, this campaign used a variety of visually compelling metaphors to frame patient experiences for physicians.

The campaign is reportedly impacting physicians' attitudes about RLS and driving interest in the brand.

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