Best Single Professional Print Advertisement

Buscopan "Take Control"
Buscopan "Take Control"

Recognizes excellence creative excellence for a single print ad for a prescription drug, medical product or service appearing in any medical journal or periodical


• Draftfcb–NY and Boehringer Ingelheim/Pfizer for “Why Wait?” (Spiriva)

• GSW and Takeda for “Edarbyclor Professional Journal Ad”

• ICC Lowe and Boehringer Ingelheim for “Buscopan ‘Take Control'”

• Rosetta and Otsuka America Pharmaceutical for “BreathTek UBT Journal Ad”

• The CementBloc and Salix Pharmaceuticals for “Mr Butt Print Ad: Biker” (Giazo)

ICC Lowe and Boehringer Ingelheim
Buscopan “Take Control”

Buscopan is indicated for the control of several abdominal and gastric issues (pain, colic, etc.) in horses. Exams can be really tough on both horses and veterinarians. The agency reported that Buscopan sales had been flat for a few years after its initial launch and that the challenge was “to gain some energy and engagement with equine veterinarians.”

This ad is gorgeously rendered and powerfully simple. It shows a man's left forearm and hand positioned such that it resembles a horse's neck. The tagline reads “Take control and make colic rectal stress, less.”

“Colic exams can be very stressful and dangerous for vets to perform as the horse is in a lot of pain and exams are usually carried out in the emergency situation with little support for the on-call vet,” the agency explained. “The creative strategy was to communicate that Buscopan could make colic exams considerably less stressful for vets to perform. With the hand bridle, vets now had more control...and horses would bridle less.”

Judges loved the image of the hand and bridle. “Very creative and attention-getting,” one judge said.

Outstanding results indicate that the ad also made a positive impression on vets. The agency reported sales have doubled since the introduction of the campaign.

Rosetta and ­Otsuka ­America ­Pharmaceutical
BreathTek UBT Journal ad

This ad aimed to educate GIs and PCPs about BreathTek UBT, a noninvasive breath test for a stomach bacteria that causes ulcers. To stress BreathTek UBT's ability to detect evidence of the bacteria, the ad shows a woman breathing out the likeness of a detective.  

Unaided awareness among target MDs doubled year to year; aided awareness rose 22%.

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