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Siemens Inhouse Creative Services and Siemens
New Product Launch: Online Ysio Auction

Just one year after triumphing with the innovative “Win an MRI” campaign, Siemens struck gold again with another ingenious effort for the launch of the Ysio digital radiography system.

Siemens donated an Ysio to the Children's Health Fund (CHF) for an online auction and hospitals were invited to bid for the Ysio with all proceeds going to the CHF.

The low-cost viral nature of the internet got the healthcare community talking about Siemens, Ysio and CHF. Multiple incentives were offered to bidders, including a $10,000-off coupon for hospitals that didn't win. The auction linked direct marketing and digital channels to Siemens' back-end CRM tool for sales follow-up.

PR addressed purchasing influencers with print and video news releases, both pre- and post-auction, while Siemens employees were also charged with getting the word out.

Results were spectacular: First, almost 6 million impressions across all media created brand awareness. Second, 72 new users registered to bid, creating sales leads and new orders to date. Third, the Siemens brand was associated with raising $285,00 for the CHF.

“A fantastic use of innovative sweepstakes to generate leads, give back to community, and effectively ‘sell product,'” said one judge.

“A huge idea that really breaks new ground,” added another judge, “giving Siemens terrific press coverage and sales leads.”

Euro RSCG Life MetaMax and Sanofi-Aventis
Lantus/Apidra Expansion of Successful Team: Type 1 program to include Team Type 2

Euro RSCG Life MetaMax built on the success of the Team Type 1 with a new cycling team of “everyday folks” —Team Type 2—to promote type 2 diabetes insulin Lantus. The team competed in Race Across America and Tour de Cure to spread the message of good diabetes management. The effort employed direct mail, video, web vignettes, PR and events, integrating “creative, online and a sense of empowerment throughout,” according to judges. More than 10 million media impressions boosted new scripts in key markets.
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