Best Total Integration Program for Large Companies

Best Total Integration Program for Large Companies
Best Total Integration Program for Large Companies
Gallo and Medtronic Diabetes
Connect the Dots

Gallo devised this very comprehensive, four-phase educational program to help increase use of Medtronic Diabetes' iPro Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). Results were outstanding: in just nine months, iPro use among program participants increased from 3.5% to 20.6%.

Judges were impressed by both the execution and ROI. “This program was multifaceted and well integrated with good results,” noted one judge.

Gallo explained that iPro had been sold to over 3,000 medical practices, but acceptance, use and penetration were disappointing. Research revealed that standardization and training, particularly on reimbursement and report interpretation, were needed.

Connect the Dots was designed specifically to educate on reimbursement and report interpretation and to establish best practices and standardization in offices. Information was disseminated through mailings, sales reps and a private website. Targeted were existing customers (endocrinologists, primary care physicians and certified diabetes educators) in high volume offices.

“Healthcare providers were invited to make the ‘connections' that matter in diabetes management,” the agency explained. “Visuals reinforced the message about how iPro CGM not only would provide them with the necessary data to maximize treatment outcomes but also would make the connections with diabetes management between their practice and their patients. The goal was to have each office complete all four phases of the program and ultimately become an authority on professional CGM, which would translate their earlier use of iPro among appropriate patients.”

Draftfcb Healthcare NY and Centocor Ortho Biotech
Stelara “361”

The agency described Stelara as “a game-changing” biologic psoriasis treatment that's quicker and easier. Creative highlighted that Stelara only requires four maintenance doses per year (two starter doses), giving patients 361 days of freedom. The campaign included ads, tablet PC assets and multiple convention booth tactics (including augmented reality). Product and benefit awareness are at all time highs, and sales have “shattered” all forecasts. “Powerful idea,” said one judge. “Unique. A wonderful way to brand 361.”

The Finalists
  • Draftfcb Healthcare NY and Centocor Ortho Biotech—Stelara “361”
  • Gallo and Medtronic Diabetes—Connect The Dots
  • GSW Worldwide and Covidien—Cap The Cough
  • Hamagami/Carroll, Infuse Medical and Medtronic Diabetes—Lenny the Lion
  • Publicis Healthcare Communications Group and AstraZeneca—Seroquel XR “Fade”
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