Best Total Integration Program for Large Companies

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Best Total Integration Program for Large Companies
Best Total Integration Program for Large Companies

Recognizes and rewards the best use of different media for a single campaign for maximum measurable effect for clients companies with $10 billion or more in 2010 worldwide revenue.

CDMiConnect and Eisai/Pricara

“Finally a fully integrated campaign complete with patient insight” was just one of the great things said about CDMiConnnect's campaign for Eisai and Pricara's Aciphex.

Faced with dwindling market share in a crowded marketplace, CDMiConnect's task was to create brand awareness, stabilize Aciphex's position in the heartburn category, and prove “that we could make direct-to-patient marketing pay out for the brand.”

The agency succeeded on all counts. With precise language and innovative creative, they launched a campaign covering print, web and television.

Giving this condition a fresh perspective was a priority. The agency explains: “Our goal? Break the pharma norm when showing real people. No ‘Joe' experiencing heartburn after a spicy meal. Instead we magnified the level of discomfort by showing the areas where and when people feel it.”

One interesting component was the copy used in print: “Acid reflux disease. It's many faces—in many places.” But faces of heartburn sufferers are absent, the agency focusing on where symptoms occur rather than showing faces of discontent. The judges liked this approach: “Bold treatment for the 3 B's of acid reflux!”

CDMiConnect's work in a competitive space translated into a successful year for Aciphex with $26 million in incremental sales and nearly 32,000 new prescriptions just from offer redemptions. “Impressive results,” said one judge.

Draftfcb and Teva Women's Health for Plan B One-Step
Before the Clock Strikes

With a strong call to action, a social-media platform with an effective tagline (“Get a Real Plan”), custom banners on both Hulu and Pandora, as well as a prominent TV plug on MTV's “Jersey Shore,” Draftfcb has delivered a multilateral campaign perfectly tailored to its focused audience (18-30 year old young women) for Plan B One-Step by Teva Women's Health.  And our judges applaud their digital prowess: “best YouTube pharma page ever”; “social-media integration that makes sense.”


• CDMiConnect and Eisai/PriCara for AcipHex

• Cell Division and Amgen for Nplate

• Draftfcb and Teva Women's Health—Before the Clock Strikes

• Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and Abbott Laboratories—In My Skin

• Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and Abbott Laboratories—Things That You Love

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