Best Use of Direct Marketing to Consumers

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Best Use of Direct Marketing to Consumers
Best Use of Direct Marketing to Consumers
Beacon Healthcare Communications and Allergan
My Tears, My Rewards

Restasis treats chronic dry eye by helping patients increase natural tears. Most sufferers self-medicate with OTC artificial tears and are thus accustomed to short-term symptom relief. Beacon Healthcare Communications created this highly successful program to optimize long-term adherence by giving patients incentive through the first 90 days of treatment.

“Very well done from inception to implementation,” said one judge. “Solid creative and solid results!”

Another judge noted the program's “impressive ROI,” adding that it “demonstrates the very best in class direct marketing practices.”

Indeed, results are outstanding. Last year, total enrollment increased by 75,000, and NRXs and TRXs reached all-time highs. ROI exceeded five to one. The agency also reported that members are 50% more compliant than non-members.

Enrolled patients with a prescription are first given a personal organizer, which the agency described as “a self-contained information center” that provides disease state education and other information including eye care tips and rewards tools.

The organizer is also housed on, which includes expanded information and is updated regularly. A 24-hour call center, staffed by trained RNs, is also available.  
One judge summed it up as “thorough, well thought out and on strategy.”  

Medical Minds Healthcare Communications and NovaSys Medical
Stand Up to Urine Leaks!

Arresting and effective creative features the lower half of a woman's body in dry clothing in the foreground and activity, such as playing children, in the background. Empowering copy encourages women to consider Renessa, a noninvasive treatment for stress urinary incontinence. One judge described the ad as “bold, refreshing and non-typical pharma.” Another praised the “totally aggressive visuals,” noting that the “branding tactics paid off in results.” Results include 16,700 website visitors and 640 calls to docs during a seven-month test.

The Finalists
  • Beacon Healthcare Communications and Allergan—My Tears, My Rewards
  • CDMiConnect and Eisai—Read My Lips
  • Health4Brands Chelsea and Bristol-Myers Squibb—Reyataz Photo Contest
  • Medical Minds Healthcare Communications and NovaSys Medical—Stand Up to Urine Leaks!
  • The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks and Allergan—Latisse LashPerks Consumer Conversion and Retention Program
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