Best Use of Direct Marketing to Consumers

Best Use of Direct Marketing to Consumers
Best Use of Direct Marketing to Consumers

Recognizes excellence in direct promotion campaign/materials targeting consumers.

Proximo Gen, BMStudio and Bristol-Myers Squibb
One Patient at a Time

Judges loved this customized, effective program for Bristol-Myers Squibb's Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) treatment Orencia. On a $1.2 million budget, Proximo Gen and BMStudio delivered a program  tailoring dialogue to each patient's evolving needs. Results are strong—request rates are up 55%; conversion rate has risen 30%; open rates are twice as high as historical rates; and engagement rates are 17 times higher than historical rates.

All judges were impressed with the level of personalization, customization, and results. “Great ROI,” said one. “Thoughtful, yet provoking— engaging and determined,” commented another.

The team said RA is “almost impossible to accurately treat,” creating a daunting experience for doctors and patients.  “The program creates a tailored dialogue to specifically address patient needs and barriers,” they added. “It addresses three strategic areas—delivering key efficacy and safety information; empowering the patient with the means to talk effectively to their doctor; and providing the comfort and support needed to ensure the patient successfully begins therapy.”

Imagery, content, tone and delivery order are adjusted to meet the needs of each patient. And all touches are timed to the milestones and treatment cadences of specific patients. An Orencia Care Counselor stays in touch with patients throughout the process.

The team noted that presenting the brand “through the lens of the patient's own everyday challenges” lets messaging resonate at a level that hasn't previously been possible.

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and ­Amylin/Lilly
Byetta By Your Side CRM Campaign

This program for Type 2 diabetes patients includes nine communications over six months. Three communicaitons in the first four weeks help build confidence and set expectations. The rest encourage long-term compliance through diet and exercise tips and positive reinforcement. Results topped goals and benchmarks. One judge called the program “wonderful.” Another praised it as consumer-centric. “Great concept,” said a third. Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness was recently named lead consumer agency across all Amylin assignments.


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