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Intouch Solutions and Sanofi-Aventis
Goinsulin Website

Judges unanimously praised Sanofi-Aventis' unbranded diabetes website for its design and ease of use. “It was one of the only sites in the category that had nothing to criticize,” noted one judge. “It's beautifully designed with a nice mix and balance of content and interactivity.”

Intouch Solutions explained that was developed to support a national campaign that aims to empower people with Type 2 diabetes. One judge commented on how well the site integrated with other aspects of the campaign. The site targets adults 21 and older who use insulin or want to know more about it, as well as caregivers and loved ones. The site's objective is to help people make well-informed decisions by giving them relevant information about diabetes and insulin, including the risks and benefits, and helping them overcome fears.

The user-friendly design facilitates easy access to the site's wealth of information, including videos of real people who control blood sugar with insulin, an interactive “Myth or Reality” game, polls and a customizable “Doctor Discussion Guide.” The site also invites users to submit their own insulin success stories.

“It's extremely creative and engaging with real patient videos/stories,” said one judge. “It's visually appealing and easy to find information. I loved the ‘Myth or Reality' quiz.” Another judge described the design as “intuitive” and the content as “personal” and “emotive.”

The audience liked the site too. Intouch Solution reports the “Myth or Reality” game has a 72% completion rate. As of May 2009, the overall site had nearly 263,000 unique visitors. Average monthly page views were close to 180,000, with a 4.28% average of returning visitors monthly. About 83% of visitors said they were “likely—very likely” to return and 71% called it “valuable—very valuable.” Judges agreed that this low-budget, multichannel, highly targeted campaign was “refreshing.”

Klick Communications and Allergan
My Lap-Band Journey

This team strengthened weight loss device Lap-Band's market position by providing a site-based support program for every step of weight loss, and it exceeded 2008 unique visitor goals by 400%. A variety of tools helped patients overcome concerns and succeed while also increasing brand awareness and preference. Average monthly enrollments rose 48%, and conversion time from research to surgery was reduced. Judges were impressed with ease of navigation and depth of information. One said the site “felt like a journey.”

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