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Back in 1999, the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame (MAHF) published a breakthrough coffee table tome, Medicine Avenue, which charted the history of medical advertising through 116 expansive pages of friendly copy and plenty of large, inviting images of the best creative from the 1940s to the 1990s. A lot has happened since then and now the MAHF is bringing us up to speed with Medicine Avenue Volume Two (MA2).

Clocking it at more than 300 pages, MA2 picks up where its older, skinnier sibling left off, chronicling the evolution of the industry from the 1990s to the present day. Whereas the first installment celebrated with great fondness and warmth a golden era of medicine and medical advertising led by the industry's forefathers, MA2 has a much more complex picture to handle: the birth and explosion of DTC and DTP; the emergence and impact of digital media; the evolution of production technology; and the effect of regulatory scrutiny.

Nevertheless, the MAHF has done an outstanding job of keeping the friendly feel and celebratory nature of the first volume, while adding a more in-depth, educational component to complement its outstanding collection of artwork.
MA2 is well thought out and logically sectioned, taking the reader on an educational journey from the evolution of medical advertising and its adaptation to a new environment to a series of articles depicting “The New Communications Spectrum.” The “Excellence” section then showcases and celebrates some of the finest work from professional, digital and DTC advertising. Finally MA2 lays out “What the Future Holds” before offering a roll of honor of its inductees.

Most of the chapters have been contributed by experts, such as John Kamp (regulatory), Mark Bard (digital communications) and Carroll Dowden (medical publishing) so the information is worthy and reliable.

The MAHF was formed in 1996 to preserve the history and heritage of medical advertising, to honor the people who made it happen, and to use this knowledge to educate the industry and attract new leaders. MA2, as well as being a fabulous reference, can certainly help the MAHF fulfill every part of this mission.
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