Career Path: Advancing with the Stars

Career Path: Advancing with the Stars
Career Path: Advancing with the Stars


Joyce Ercolino, director, eStrategy, global commercial development, CSL Behring

Time in the pharma industry: I've been working in the pharma industry for about 10 years, eight years most recently, and two years previously as a consultant

Original career plan: I started out my career in communications, and was interested in broadcasting.  I majored in radio/television/film, and liked the creative side of the business.  After some college radio experience, I focused on television and worked as a writer/producer/director. I worked on live events as well as post-production, and developed all types of TV programs and videos.

Previous roles: Following my time as a writer/producer/director in broadcast TV with FOX and NBC affiliates, I managed my own consulting business in the same role and with a variety of industries, including pharma, and did work with SmithKline (Beecham). Then I worked for Unisys, a global information technology organization producing and directing. I also held a special projects producer role there and worked on bringing new technologies into the company, as traditional media was evolving into multimedia and interactive marketing. I went on to initiate digital marketing for their consulting services division. Now, I'm director of eStrategy in global commercial development at CSL Behring, a global plasma protein company. I manage the team responsible for digital marketing and governance.

How did you get into healthcare/pharma?
I always liked healthcare and was interested in a role in pharma. I transferred my leadership, communication and online expertise to head up global digital marketing at CSL Behring as an associate director.

What valuable skills did you pick up from your previous roles?
I majored in radio/television/film and liked the creative side of the business. After some college radio experience, I focused on TV and worked as a writer/producer/director. I worked on live events as well as post-production, and developed all types of TV programs and videos. I learned how to be a quick study on many topics and industries, so that I could effectively write and communicate about them, whether in long-form or short form. Good communication skills are so valuable.

To whom do you feel you owe your success?
My parents taught me to work hard, and to earn my own way.

What's been your most useful career skill, and how did you develop it?
Being a lifelong learner has helped me to grow, to seek out new opportunities, and to move into new career areas.

Is there anything you would have done differently?
I would have taken more business courses in college.

What has surprised you most about working in the industry?
There are so many passionate and talented people that really care about the patients we serve. I feel fortunate to work with such knowledgeable peers.

How do you help others unleash their potential?
It's important to help people see what they are good at, to help them believe in themselves, and to expose them to opportunities that can tap their potential. It's better to get something done, and to learn from an experience, than to spend too much time on every project and worry about perfection.

What advice would you give others looking to get into the industry or move up the ranks?
Find what you are most passionate about and learn to embrace change. It's the only constant we have. Take on new opportunities, especially outside of your area of expertise so that you can stretch and grow.

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