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Physicians Asked. We Delivered.

The Little Blue Book (TLBB), our 22-year-old flagship brand, has developed a passionate and loyal following of over 300,000 physicians.

How did TLBB build such a devoted fan base? Because it made their practices easier, faster and more profitable. TLBB is rated the #1 most valued and frequently-used resource in a physician's practice (more than double the usage of leading drug reference guides). Physicians love it so much, they pay for over 50% of its circulation.
Our company's guiding principle is simple: ask physicians what they need, and then give it to them where, when and how they want it.

The Physician's Essential Resource Goes Digital
We asked our doctors what more we could do for them. They responded. Half of our physicians told us they wanted a mobile app that captures all the features they love in TLBB, but with added functionalities made possible by a digital platform. We collaborated to create a fast and intuitive interface married to the highest quality data.
Unprecedented Measurability for Marketers
We asked pharmaceutical brand managers and media agency executives what they wanted, that they weren't getting. What we heard: “metrics,” “reporting,” and “more frequently refreshed creative.” So, we delivered. We embedded the most powerful analytical and tracking capabilities available in The Little Blue Book Mobile.

The Little Blue Book Mobile.
What Doctors Want. What Marketers Need.

Services and Offerings
We listen to marketers and agencies so we can craft and deliver high-impact, high-ROI campaigns directly to physicians. We use highly customized survey tools to diagnose problems; build multi-platform programs to solve problems; and capture relevant metrics to measure results. If it's important to get your message in front of the doctor to influence behavior and improve patient outcomes, we can help.

Capabilities include:
  • 20:1 ROI in 3 months (according to IMS)
  • Individual, multichannel physician addressability
  • Ability to cross Rx and Dx data; the gold standard of measuring ROI
  • Primary custom as well as syndicated research, including un-incentivized queries
  • Customized mobile and digital applications
  • World class service and flawless execution
Call us. We love solving problems and delivering great outcomes.
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