Lilly slams Times over trials data charge

Lilly took a sharp tone in responding to a New York Times article that the company said “likely created a strong false impression with readers that Lilly suppresses data.”

The Times article, following on a New England Journal of Medicine piece, claimed that Lilly suppressed Prozac clinical trials data.

“Not only was the Times' story inaccurate when it comes to Prozac—the NEJM article didn't identify a single Prozac study as unpublished—but it also likely created a strong false impression with readers that Lilly suppresses data,” the company said in a news release, concluding: “We clearly have been transparent. The data is publicly available online; we've presented it to healthcare professionals at major medical meetings; and we published it—more than once—in peer-reviewed medical journals. And we remain committed to transparency. All of which we would have told The New York Times…if only they had called and asked.”
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