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Atlantis Healthcare

Company Profile

Atlantis Healthcare creates and executes tailored patient support programs and personalized interventions to address treatment adherence across a wide range of diseases.  Led by one of the world's largest health psychology teams, our patient-centric approach is designed to improve health outcomes, reduce the cost of nonadherence and deliver optimal value for all healthcare stakeholders.

Services and Offerings

We provide end-to-end creation and execution of innovative treatment adherence campaigns including:

• Strategy development
• Clinical research to provide in-depth understanding of stakeholder needs
• Multichannel interventions using advanced ­technology and traditional tools
• Project management
• Creative communications
• Evaluation/reporting of outcomes

Core Capabilities

Pharma companies are aware of the high cost of nonadherence yet struggle to find effective solutions.  Nearly 1 in 3 patients don't fill their prescriptions, and 3 in 4 don't take treatments as prescribed1.  Clearly, there needs to be a paradigm shift in how industry addresses sub-optimal adherence.

Atlantis Healthcare pioneered a unique approach to treatment adherence grounded in the belief that nonadherence is a behavior fueled by a personal belief system.  In order to improve adherence, we must first understand the beliefs driving that behavior for each patient.

Research from our health psychology team shows how existing psychological models can be used to identify factors that contribute to medication nonadherence2.  Our health psychology experts use this framework to assess adherence risk factors within the patient population including medication beliefs and illness perceptions as well as practical and system-related barriers.  We then design interventions to reduce adherence barriers and change unhelpful beliefs to empower patients to self-manage their illness, long-term.

1 “Take as directed: a prescription not followed”
Alexandria, VA; National Community Pharmacists Association; December 2006
2 Jackson C, Eliasson L, Barber N, Weinman J. Applying COM-B to medication adherence.
The European Health Psychologist 2014, 16(1), 7-17.

What does patient-centricity mean to you and is the industry doing enough to fulfill the needs of patients?

Patient-centricity is a purposeful focus on the needs, challenges and belief systems of each individual patient—and the foundation of successful treatment adherence outreach.

Many healthcare companies believe they act in a patient-centric way but miss a critical insight. They conduct research to understand their patient's age, family status, disease state and whether they follow treatment—and create materials intended to support target patient groups. However, their data doesn't explain why individual patients cannot or choose to not follow their treatment.  We must first understand the individuals' motivators and barriers to adhere before we can claim to embrace a truly patient-centric approach.

Address: 4 Commerce Drive, Cranford, NJ 07016 Phone: 908-988-2351 Website: Offices: Australia, Germany, New Zealand (HQ), Spain, UK, US New Business Contact: Jennifer Sigaud, Managing Director, ­ or 908-988-2360 Year Founded: 1995 ­Sample Clients: Pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies

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